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6 sure-fire ways freelancers can get more clients

Marketing strategies may be all you hear about when starting a business from scratch – but which strategy is best when looking to drive traffic and boost engagement? If you’re looking to gain new clients and keep them, here’s our list of six sure-fire ways you can be successful in increasing your customer base. 

1. Don’t forget a welcome email 

Keeping clients is just as important as gaining them, which is why it’s always a good idea to send an automated welcome email to new clients/subscribers to inform them of what they can expect from you.

Welcome emails should clearly indicate the ways in which you will respect the subscriber’s privacy and how often they can expect to hear from you so there are no surprises (and fewer unsubscribes) in the future. 

2. Create a waiting list 

It’s a well-known tactic because it works. Whether your service is fully booked or not, creating a waiting list on your website is a great way of building anticipation and expectation from your audience, creating the assumption that your business is in very high demand. Many more clients will subscribe and sign up to see what exciting thing you have in store for them. 

3. Keep up with communication 

Ensure you keep up communication with your clients by checking in with them at regular, appropriate times throughout a project.

Depending on the service you are offering, make sure your clients know exactly where you are in terms of completing the workload so they feel reassured and included – this will increase the chances of them referring you to a family or friend, resulting in more clients. 

4. Offer incentives to new clients

A quick way of growing your client list is by offering an incentive for new clients – this could be something simple such as a discount voucher or free download. Everybody loves the chance to win a prize, so potential clients will see this as a great opportunity. 

5. Write guest posts 

It may not feel like the most effective use of your time when you’re initially starting a freelance business, but taking the time to write guest posts or do interviews will ultimately increase your own number of clients.

Find ways that you can collaborate and join forces with brands that have the same target audience as yourself, getting your name out there to as many potential clients as possible.  

6. Secure subscribers at key moments 

Take some time to work out the key, critical moments in which you can best secure new clients and gain subscribers. For instance, use data to determine the page or segment of content which is getting the most traffic in order to place a pop-up box asking for visitors to provide their email addresses for newsletters and welcome emails – this can also be done at the end of blog posts or when directed to a new page. 

Final thoughts

With a bit of creative content and consideration into the buyer journey, you’re sure to have more success with your marketing strategy and convert your visitors into customers. 

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