Thanks to the support and loyalty of our customers, EmailOctopus has grown beyond our expectations since we launched in 2014. We’re amazed, humbled and delighted that over 30,000 organisations have signed up and used our service to send their emails. With growth comes change, and we’re always dedicated to innovating and improving. Something we’ve heard from customers over the years is that connecting EmailOctopus to Amazon Web Services can be a bit tricky. For some, it’s too complicated all together, and we know that in…Continue Reading “Introducing the new and improved EmailOctopus 🎉”

Black Friday is always a busy day for email marketers, and this year it seemed to start early than ever before. ‘Black Friday week’ deals launched as early as the 16 November, one week before the main event, and on EmailOctopus we saw hundreds of millions of emails sent out over the period. Our own team’s inboxes overflowed with emails from brands and stores which were taking advantage of the biggest week in e-commerce. We’ve selected just a few of our favourite emails below: Article…Continue Reading “The best of Black Friday 2018”

Black Friday is less than a month away. The day, best known for fights over cut-price Televisions in Walmart is increasingly moving online. In 2016, over $3bn in online retail sales were made on Black Friday and this year that will only increase further; if you aren’t already planning for the last weekend in November, now is the time. Knowing how to structure your messaging and stand out amongst the crowd certainly isn’t easy, that’s why we’ve looked at hundreds of email marketing campaigns and…Continue Reading “A guide to email marketing on Black Friday”

Hot off the back of announcing our new drag and drop editor last week, today we have a whole host of product enhancements to share with you. We’ve been listening to your feedback on our WordPress integration, and we’re excited to launch six big improvements to make building your subscriber lists easier than ever. 1. Add additional fields If you’ve already been making the most of our WordPress plugin, then you’ll know that – until now – you’ve been limited to capturing first and last…Continue Reading “Announcing our new WordPress plugin features”

At EmailOctopus, we do everything we can to keep our prices as low as possible. Our mission is to help you save up to 90% on your email marketing – while still ensuring first-class deliverability. We’re everything you need from an email marketing platform, but for a fraction of the cost. So how do we do it? 1. We send your emails via Amazon SES By using the power of Amazon SES, EmailOctopus makes sure you get the most from every dollar you spend with…Continue Reading “Why you’re able to save so much money with EmailOctopus”

We have two aims at EmailOctopus: making your email marketing affordable, and building an easy-to-use platform. We’ve already ticked the low cost box, so our focus over the past few months has been to make improvements to how our customers build campaigns. Today, we’re excited to announce a new feature which will make it incredibly simple for anyone to create beautiful campaigns. Here it is: our new drag and drop email editor. We spent a long time making sure we got this right: observing how our…Continue Reading “Announcing our new drag and drop editor”

With just a week until the new GDPR legislation is introduced, inboxes are overflowing with re-consent emails. These emails ask the recipient to re-confirm their interest in receiving communications, and state that no further emails will be sent after May 25th if they decline (or ignore the email altogether). Over the past two weeks we’ve collected 50 examples of these re-permission emails, and picked out five top tips to help you with your last minute re-confirmation campaign:  Align your message with your brand and product Every…Continue Reading “GDPR: 5 last minute tips for re-confirming your email list”

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May, 2018, and many marketers are wondering what changes they need to make to their email list to be compliant. Do I need to re-opt-in my subscribers? Not necessarily. The guidance from the ICO is that you are not required to automatically refresh permission in preparation for the GDPR. However, if the existing permission doesn’t meet the GDPR’s high standards or are poorly documented, you will need to seek fresh GDPR-compliant permission to continue…Continue Reading “Do I need to re-opt-in my email list for GDPR?”

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive around and what ultimately separates successful businesses from the rest is their marketing, both online and through more traditional channels like print. At EmailOctopus we’re always keeping an eye on the latest trends in email marketing: how companies are onboarding their users, how they spread the word about discounts and how their emails are designed. Over the past month, we’ve been closely monitoring ten of the leading fashion brands and how they use email to convert…Continue Reading “How top fashion brands use email marketing”

It’s been a long time coming, but today we’re excited to launch additional list fields. Our biggest single update to EmailOctopus since our launch in 2014. For the past 3 years, we’d restricted you to only storing 3 values, a first name, last name and email address. From today onwards, you can now add additional fields, chosen by you across each list. So now you can store a user’s address, number of items they’ve purchased, or age and then use each of these to personalise…Continue Reading “Announcing: Additional list fields so you can personalise your campaigns even further”