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Grow your list with the SparkLoop integration

When creating a successful newsletter, your audience is everything. Not only do you want your carefully curated emails to be read, you need them to be read in order to generate income in the form of advertising revenue.

Building an audience isn’t easy though. Landing pages, pop-up forms, and advertising are all established ways of growing an audience, but there is another way too. By leveraging your existing audience, no matter how small, you can invite referrals to grow a tribe of like-minded readers.

And that’s where SparkLoop, EmailOctopus’s latest integration comes in.

What is SparkLoop?

SparkLoop is an email referral marketing platform that enables businesses to turn their existing email subscribers into brand ambassadors.

With SparkLoop, you can create referral programs that incentivise your subscribers to refer their friends and family to join your email list.

Sparkloop works by allowing subscribers to earn rewards, such as exclusive content or discounts, for referring new subscribers to your email list. The platform then tracks and manages all of the referrals and rewards, making it easy for you to run and track the success as your list grows.

Who is using SparkLoop?

SparkLoop has been a helpful tool for many newsletter authors and businesses who were able to grow their subscriber base by leveraging their existing subscribers. Let’s go through a few success stories that SparkLoop’s users have created.

Jason Woodruff, the author of “The Pour Over” newsletter, went from 20K to 100K email subscribers in less than 12 months. This reduced their cost of acquisition of new subscribers significantly.

Another successful referral campaign run using SparkLoop was done by Brennan Dunn, the founder of RightMessage and author of the newsletter “Create & Sell.” He stated that referred subscribers contributed to 9.9% of his email list.

These were just a few success stories, but SparkLoop is used by many other folks, such as Corey Haines of SwipeFiles, Dan Oshinsky of Inbox Collective, Emanuel Cinca of The Stacked Marketer, and the list could go on.

How do I get started?

It’s a simple process to integrate and start using SparkLoop but, before that, you need to have an active EmailOctopus Pro subscription. Once that’s in order then all you need to do is follow the steps in our Knowledge Base to start growing your newsletter subscribers.

SparkLoop is a great tool for anyone who is looking forward to growing their newsletter organically by leveraging the existing network. Give it a try, our support is always there to help you out.

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