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New – Dedicated IP addresses with EmailOctopus and Amazon SES

EmailOctopus works exclusively with Amazon SES to deliver your marketing emails. By default, Amazon SES sends your email from IP addresses that you share with other SES and EmailOctopus customers.  For some high-volume senders though, you may wish to have more ownership over deliverability.

As of today, you can now – for $29 a month – use a dedicated IP address with EmailOctopus and Amazon SES.

Why use a dedicated IP?

An email’s likelihood of hitting the inbox depends largely on the reputation of the IP address that sends it. Almost all email service providers, use shared IP addresses to route their emails to customers. A shared IP means your emails are being sent from the same place as hundreds, if not thousands, of users. For most low volume users, a shared IP is preferable, because email providers aren’t seeing enough email to know whether to trust the IP or not. By grouping a number of customers together, we can ensure that the volume is sufficient to remain trusted. Amazon SES actively monitor the health and reputation of their shared IPs to make sure their emails have high deliverability rates, but on rare occasions, the odd rogue email can slip through the net leading to a blacklisted IP, and until resolved it can lead to lower deliverability.

For high volume users, sending hundreds of thousands of emails per day, a dedicated IP can be of benefit. By using a dedicated IP, users can guarantee that the reputation of that IP is based only on the mail they are sending.

What do I need to do?

If you are sending around 100,000 emails per day, Amazon are ready to welcome you onto their new dedicated IP program. You’ll need to engage with Amazon, to ensure you have the correct ramp-up procedures in place – but once accepted you can start sending immediately with EmailOctopus. We’ll pick up your dedicated IP addresses from your SES account.

To register your interest follow this link.

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