1. Product Updates

Recent updates, and upcoming changes to the email creation process

You may well have noticed that things are beginning to look a little different when creating a campaign. We’ve recently started rolling out changes to our email creation process, which apply to both campaigns and automation.

Improved send-speeds

We’ve completed re-worked much of our internal sending process. The impact on you, means that campaigns will be sent even quicker. Under most circumstances we should be very close to matching your Amazon SES pricing send speeds.

There are further speed improvements to come. Those improvements will be in speeding up the rate at which a campaign can enter the queue and improving the speed at which we can report on opens/clicks. These changes should mean that you should go from clicking send, to viewing data, within minutes.

Emoji support

You can now enrich your subject lines and emails with emojis! Need we say anymore?

Sep-09-2016 17-05-00

Use the emojis within the editor, or copy your own from: http://emojipedia.org

Editor and campaign creation process

One of the most visible, and noticeable, changes we have made to EmailOctopus this month is to our editor. We’re now using an updated editor which will allow us soon to allow direct image uploads.

The change to the editor is one of a series we have planned for the coming months. First we will begin breaking the current process into a multi-step creation process. This will be done with a view to adding a template option in the near future. Templates we recognise are vitally important for none-technical users, and we’ll be producing a number of these to help make your emails better.

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  • October 26, 2016

    Hi tom, please add field “Reply-to” From header email 🙂 This will make it better <3


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