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Automation is the future: how we’re improving EmailOctopus

If you’ve recently signed in to EmailOctopus, you may have noticed a couple of changes to our automations. Those changes form the base for the most significant update to the EmailOctopus platform yet, which we’re excited to be rolling out in the coming months.

Through speaking to many of you, we’ve heard the want to personalise your campaigns more, yet spend less time building them. This is where we see automations coming in – a place where you can send emails, add tags or change a subscriber’s profile without having to sign in on a daily basis to do so. 

Separating campaigns and automations

Your automations will no longer live in the campaigns screen – they’ve been broken out into a dedicated screen that you’ll find by clicking “Automations” in the menu. The campaigns screen continues to be the place for building your one-off emails – the kind of emails that you’ll send to thousands of subscribers all at once, perhaps for a monthly newsletter or a huge Black Friday sale announcement.

You will now find your automated emails under the automations link in your dashboard.

Automations is where your automated sequences lie. As of today, you’ll be able to build time-based sequences which will drip-feed emails to new subscribers. And in the coming weeks, we’ll be expanding this to allow you to tag subscribers, create different paths based on “if/else” conditions or queue an automatic follow-up if a subscriber clicks on a link within your email.

Breaking them out into two distinct categories will help you understand this difference easily. It will also allow our team to better explain how you can get maximum value from these upcoming features – lessening confusion and making enterprise-level email marketing simple.

Changes to our automation editor

Three months ago, we also began rolling out our brand-new automation editor. This editor moves the creation process to a flow-like chart, allowing you to visualise exactly when your emails will be sent.

The editor also forms the bedrock for our future changes, where you’ll be able to set different triggers and send your customers to different branches depending on their preferences. 

The big changes

With the iterative tweaks made, we’re now delighted to begin rolling out wholesale changes to automations within EmailOctopus. It’s something we’re calling advanced automation.

The changes we are rolling out will allow you to add actions, waits and conditions to emails.

As we’ve mentioned above, advanced automation will include the ability to set various triggers, functions to tag subscribers, send different emails depending on specific behaviours and much, much more. It’ll allow you to create all kinds of powerful automations, such as onboarding sequences, sales funnels or anniversary emails and understand your users’ preferences better than ever. 

We’re beginning to roll it out to users in Beta from early December, with a phased rollout planned. We’ll notify you in the EmailOctopus dashboard as soon as it’s ready for you to use.

If you would like early access, drop us an email, and we’ll add you to our early access Beta testing list.

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