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How email can help your SEO

When it comes to digital marketing tactics, e-mail marketing is a front-runner in cost-effectively generating leads and driving sales. Email marketing, as a tactic, has an unrivalled ability to engage and keep an audience engaged. It is direct, trackable, quick and easy to execute. The ability to effectively track metrics is an added bonus.

However, did you know that email marketing campaigns can also go hand in hand with your SEO campaigns? Two of the most effective digital marketing tactics in driving ROI can work together.

Email marketing can help support your SEO performance. This doesn’t mean dropping targeted keywords into your email copy and subject lines. That will not affect SEO performance.

Instead, consider trying these 3 under-rated strategies to get even more from your e-marketing campaigns. Turn email and SEO into a powerful partnership!

1. Encourage social engagement & inbound links

Social shares and inbound links are known Google ranking factors. If your webpages are receiving comments and shares from different sources on social media platforms, your SEO performance will benefit. If relevant websites are posting links back to your website, again, your SEO performance will benefit. But how do you get people to share and link to your content?

For your audience and industry peers to share your content, you’ll need to gain their attention. Email is the easiest way to reach customers, potential customers and industry contacts. Add some social sharing links to enable easy content-sharing via your email campaign.

2. Turn e-mail content into blog content

Developing engaging email content takes time and effort. However, once you’ve pushed your email out to your subscribers, it’s time to get even more value from your email content. Repurpose your ready-made email content into search-engine-optimised blog content. You can even collate content from several email campaigns and combine this as an SEO friendly blog post.

For example, do you offer tips via your email newsletters? Combine some of these valuable pieces of advice into a blog post for your website. When determining search rankings, Google is eager for fresh content around your target keyword areas. Repurpose your newsletter content: extract it out of inboxes and introduce it to a wider audience via SEO.

3. New landing pages to optimise

When creating landing pages for our email campaigns, we may forget to optimise them for search engines. Instead, our focus is on delivering our email message. Email marketing campaign landing pages provide another means of adding fresh, search engine optimised content to your website every month.

Could your e-mail campaign landing pages also provide useful information for non-subscribers? You’re likely to be sitting on potentially priceless SEO opportunities. Take a fresh look at the on-page SEO tags and content of your campaign landing pages and ensure they’re optimised for search engines.

Wrapping up

Seeing email marketing in a whole new light? It’s time to push the boundaries of your email marketing efforts even further. Partner email with SEO to help pave your path to page one search rankings!

And keep up-to-date with the most recent SEO trends for even more ideas.

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