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Changes in iOS 10 Mail, and how they’ll affect email marketers

This week was the Apple WWDC, where they announced the new release of iOS 10. Although iOS 10 is not out till the Autumn, we’ve got our hands on the beta.

Many email marketing campaigns are now reporting in excess of 40% open rates for iOS devices, so we’ve rounded up a few new nifty features which we’ve noticed. Many of these may impact your email campaigns once iOS 10 is released to the general public.

Simple unsubscribes


This is the biggest change for email marketers. Like Gmail before it, iOS 10 mail has added a new bar at the top to make it simple to unsubscribe from marketing newsletters. The impact on this is of course yet to be seen, with the new iOS still in beta but we expect it to increase the number of unsubscribes from iOS devices. From a user’s point of view it’s a nice feature which will make clearing up your inbox simpler than ever.

Ability to delete the iOS mail app


Previously iOS mail was installed on every device, and could not be removed. The new iOS now allows users to delete their apps which they’re not using, meaning that iOS mail can be deleted along with all the useless apps you never used, such as the Watch app. The impact to email marketers could be an increase in users using none default mail apps, such as the Gmail app. These alternate apps render emails differently compared to iOS mail, which could mean a need for email marketing programs to support extra clients as usage increases.

Simple filtering



This feature is fantastic from a users perspective, and makes it easier than ever to find the emails which matter to you. At the bottom left of iOS mail, users will now have a filter icon which will instantly open a new page to allow you to filter your inbox. Within this filtering tab you can choose to show only unread emails, emails to/from specific addresses and emails from VIPs only. We love it.

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