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4 common traits in nonprofit target audiences

Few nonprofits can survive without donations, but understanding the common traits your target audience has can be a highly effective way of ensuring that your outreach efforts are well-placed. 

Here are some of the common traits of nonprofit target audiences and how to use them to your advantage. 

1. Communication type

One common trait that nonprofit audiences have, and which you can use to your advantage when marketing, is the communication method they choose.

Charities now utilise methods such as text messages, emails and even chatbots to communicate with their audiences, and one of the best ways to nurture a relationship with donors is understanding which form of communication they prefer.

Maybe you can segment your audience by people who prefer email marketing, postal mail or phone call – it helps you deliver the best marketing to the right people. 

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2. Open-minded personality

Donors and charity supporters are creative, imaginative and curious, but they’re also very open-minded people who are keen to learn more and often have a broad range of interests. They’re adaptable and they have an intellectual awareness that makes them very insightful. There’s always room for a flexible, open-minded person when it comes to a nonprofit, offering their ideas, opinions and a readiness to participate and support a wider goal. 

3. Self-awareness

Self-aware people are able to achieve more. They are often more energetic and more productive than those without high levels of self-awareness. They’re keen to take part and fear missing out or wasting a good opportunity, which is beneficial for nonprofits because they’re more likely to attend events or sign up for volunteering or fundraising efforts.

Because they’re hyper aware of their surroundings, they care about others and are concerned about the welfare of people in their community, making them a common feature in nonprofit audiences. 

4. Volunteering activity

Many donors like to give up their time as well as donate money to support different causes, and this is a common trait that many nonprofit audiences share. A common trait in nonprofit audiences is agreeableness and compassion – they’re people who want to help make a difference.

From the number of hours a volunteer can contribute to the kind of volunteering work they will be happy to do, or the length of time they’ve served as a volunteer, there are various ways that audiences can be segmented based on this trait. 

In summary

When nonprofits dive into the data on their audiences, they’re likely to find several common themes and traits that make it possible to deliver more effective marketing. Donors will be more willing to support a charity or organisation that feels as though they’re speaking to them directly, and appreciating the nuances of their audiences is one way that they can achieve better results in this regard. 

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