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5 ways to make your blog more appealing

Looking to increase traffic and promote your brand through your blog? First, you need to make your blog enticing and interactive so that visitors keep wanting to come back for more. 

Here are some simple but effective ways to make your blog more appealing – helping to boost user engagement and encourage more subscribers. 

1. Create a quiz 

All audiences love taking part in a quiz and adding one to your blog is a great way of increasing site traffic quickly, helping visitors interact with your content.

Your quiz can be fun and silly to show different personality types, or educational and interesting to provide users with real information. Pick the right style that will match with the rest of your brand.

When used as a lead generation tool, you can even gain multiple subscribers by asking for visitors to share their email address with you in order for them to receive their quiz result.   

2. Make content shareable on social platforms

Make sure that whatever exciting content you’re uploading to your blog is also being uploaded to your brand’s social media accounts, too. This not only enables more people to see the content across various different platforms to increase traffic, but it also allows followers and visitors to share and hashtag your content, boosting engagement and creating a more personal connection with subscribers.  

3. Include a membership section 

Not only successful in increasing interaction from site visitors, but a ‘members only’ area of your blog will more than likely encourage visitors to subscribe to your site if they feel a sense of community there.

Though your own engagement in this area of the blog will need to be regularly monitored, a membership section will create audience participation which will lead to regular posts by subscribers. 

4. Allow visitors to skip to sections 

Making your blog more appealing is all about making it more interactive – enabling visitors to interact how they see fit. Use anchor links in your contents table and subsections to allow your audience to skip ahead to segments and content that most interests them. This will ultimately enable them to want to spend more time on your blog because it is convenient to them. 

5. Upload user-generated content 

If you’re struggling to create new, exciting and engaging content to upload, why not make the most out of your audience’s feedback?

Asking your audience to upload photos, complete guest posts and provide content not only keeps your blog fresh and appealing, but it also boosts engagement too. Subscribers like to feel like they’re part of a community and submitting their own ideas and opinions will increase their visits to your blog, as well as secure their loyalty to keep up with subscriptions. 

Final thoughts

It’s not just content you need to think about when it comes to your blog, but also how users interact with it and the general experience it delivers. From thinking up ways to get people engaged to creative content that users will want to share, hopefully these ideas will inspire you to revamp your blog.

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