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6 cost-effective marketing hacks for bloggers

Both attracting and keeping a large audience to your blog can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Luckily, we’ve created a list of six cost-effective marketing hacks for bloggers to draw in more visitors than ever, increasing your subscribers and ultimately boosting user engagement. Budget-friendly and simple to set-up, here’s how to drive in even more traffic to your site.

Create content that is geo-targeted 

A sure-fire way to increase the visitors to your blog is to begin creating content that appeals to specific audiences. One way of doing this is by identifying the countries and regions the majority of your site visitors are from – this can be done using overview reports and analytics data.

By finding out which areas of the world bring in the most traffic to your site, you can begin to create content that appeals directly to visitors in these locations. 

Use power words in your titles 

Using power words in your headlines and titles is an easy but effective way of boosting traffic to your site, increasing the click-through-rate of visitors. Power words are words that trigger an emotional response from your audience, ultimately persuading them to click onto the link and stay on your blog. Examples include words such as simple, easy, ridiculous and fast. 

Promote content through email campaigns 

Email marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing available to help increase visitors to your blog. Emails are both familiar and easy to use, not to mention being a quick and simple way of communicating and connecting with existing and new subscribers. Promote new content through email by informing your audience about new releases, product information and brand updates.  

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Track outbound links 

Once you know why visitors are leaving your page, it’s easier to make changes to help keep them on it for longer. By evaluating analytic trackers, you can see which external links your audience are clicking on when they leave your website, enabling you to identify the ways in which you can bring in more traffic. For instance, are a high percentage of viewers looking at content and media that you could easily embed into your own blog?  

Include FAQs on your blog 

Placing a ‘frequently asked questions’ section on your website is a super simple yet successful way of increasing organic traffic to your page. Typing a topic relating to your blog into Google will generate a list of questions in the search engine – as you click on each question, more and more questions will appear relating to that search.

By using these questions (perhaps as subheadings or titles to articles and content) you can increase traffic to your site, with a simple question box at the bottom of the page.   

Create giveaways 

Competitions and giveaways are sure-fire ways of promoting your brand and increasing your number of subscribers. Viral giveaways will be worth an initial investment to create a prize worthy of recognition, however even smaller, more budget-friendly contests are great for increasing website traffic.

Generate user engagement as much as you can by encouraging subscribers to follow simple steps such as following your social media pages, tagging a certain number of friends, posting on social stories and more.    

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