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Boost donations with these fundraising email tips

Email is a great way to create a successful campaign for your fundraiser, with the channel offering a clear and direct ask for donations – but how do you boost donations as much as possible? Here are our email marketing for charities tips and strategies to help you gain more supporters. 

Personalise the email 

Addressing contacts by their name in your greeting will instantly form a connection with them and initiate a relationship built on trust. Asking for donations without personalising emails to include the recipient’s first name may force them to dismiss the content entirely within the first few seconds of clicking open. 

Tailor emails to specific contacts 

As well as using your contacts name, it’s also a good idea to analyse your data in order to include other personal details about them and their previous donations, to show both appreciation and attention to detail. For instance, why not suggest amounts to give based on your contact’s previous donation amount? 

Get straight to the point 

Don’t waste both yours and your readers’ time by talking about topics unrelated to the fundraiser – hook the reader in early so they know exactly why you’ve contacted them and what the current problem is that you need their help with.  

Tell a relatable story 

One of the best ways to encourage your audience to donate to your cause is by telling them a story of the issue at hand – many charities use this approach when fundraising to gain even more donations. Try to make the story as relatable as possible to evoke empathy and remember to include specific details about people involved to make the story come to life when read.   

Include power words 

Power words are words that evoke an emotional response from your target audience, whether this be a positive or negative reaction. Using the right power words that are appropriate for your campaign, such as scarce, immediate and fast, can evoke empathy and understanding in your readers, encouraging them to donate to your important cause. 

Ask more than once 

The main objective of your email is to get people to donate, so don’t be afraid to ask more than once for them to do this. Try to weave multiple donation requests throughout the email to get your point across and keep readers on track with the purpose of your message. This doesn’t have to be asking for money directly, you can use multiple ways of phrasing your requests – such as asking for your audience to help make a change. 

Keep the design of your email simple  

Don’t go for a design that is so busy and complicated that it will distract your readers from the main focus of the email – donations. Keep the layout simple and effective, opting for bold colours to make key points and links stand out, with a clear image of your brand’s logo. Remember that your audience will be viewing the email on various devices, so make sure it is accessible and easy to view for all. 

With these email marketing tips and tricks, your fundraising efforts will be maximised for even greater results for your organisation. 

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