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4 types of emails that keep readers intrigued

As an email marketer, understanding the value of different types of emails is key to your success. You need to know which emails to send to garner the right results, whether that’s building your subscriber list, gathering feedback or trying to convert. There are email marketing campaigns for every goal, but they all have one thing in common – turning subscribers into customers. 

1. Welcome emails

A welcome email is essential for anyone who has shown an interest in learning more about you and your business. Not only does it show your subscribers that they’re valued, but it also acts as confirmation that their subscription has been completed. 

You should send a welcome email within 24 hours of someone signing up, but ideally straight away. If possible, include a special offer or discount to combine a welcome email with lead nurturing. 

2. Newsletters

Email newsletters are critical to your business, and they’re used by companies in virtually every industry. They’re a way of sharing valuable content and information with your subscribers and they should form the bulk of your email marketing strategy.

Putting care and attention into the details of your newsletters offers several benefits:

  • Keeping your subscribers engaged
  • Bringing back those who might have lost interest
  • Boosting conversions. 

A well-crafted newsletter should cultivate relationships with customers and subscribers, increase brand awareness and promote the values and ethos of your brand. It’s an opportunity to distribute links to your website and popular content on your site, as well as share news about the business or upcoming products or events.  

3. Lead nurturing emails

You can’t force a subscriber to become a customer, but you can encourage them with lead nurturing emails. Nurtured leads are far more likely to make a purchase than unnurtured ones, but lead nurturing emails are tricky to balance – you want to ensure the frequency and content is carefully considered to encourage people to move along the buying journey without forcing them or seeming pushy. 

An effective lead nurturing email should increase visibility, consider the interests of the reader with tailored products, services or content that’s relevant to them, and address their problems with solutions. It should guide them through the sales funnel and encourage them to take the next step, while also offering valuable content in the process. 

4. New product or service emails

Whether you’re expanding your most popular range of clothing to include a new design or offering new services to cater to the needs of your customers, you need to shout about it. And new ecommerce emails are the way to do it. These emails are for the subscribers who have stuck around to hear more about your business and support it. 

Use this type of email to inform both existing and potential customers about what your business is offering now, and give them a sneak peek before anything goes live. You might use this opportunity to gather feedback before you officially launch, or you might reward their loyalty with a discount code or freebie as a thank you.

Make sure the emails you send are tailored to your subscribers’ needs and where they are in their journey for the best chance of success. 

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