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Why all freelancers should use email marketing to get clients

As a freelancer, one of your main priorities should be gaining more clients and increasing your subscriber list in the most efficient ways possible.

Though there are various ways in which this can be achieved, email marketing is one of the more cost-effective approaches to attaining more clients. Here’s how a good email marketing strategy can help you and your brand. 

Offers a professional image  

While marketing through social media is on the rise, email is still a priority for multiple businesses, with many customers viewing the form of communication as more professional. Having a successful email marketing strategy as a freelancer will enable you to expand your business quickly and effectively, allowing you to build authority and present yourself as an expert in the industry.  

Enables you to clearly identify your audience 

By using a marketing strategy such as email, you are able to define who your audience is and target them more successfully. Think about who the client is that you’re selling your product to and cater to that demographic through building up your email list, which will increase conversions

You can maintain regular contact with clients 

Email is a great channel for keeping up to date with clients once you’ve secured that initial subscription. From a welcome email to introduce yourself and provide details on what customers can expect from being on your mailing list, to newsletters about upcoming deals, offers and changes. Email is a hassle-free way of keeping clients in the loop. 

Email can lead to more opportunities 

For many freelancers, email marketing can provide more opportunities within their business. From promoting other areas of your expertise and content, to having the platform to share competitions and giveaways, email is a cost-effective way of offering more to your clients and getting more back in return.

In fact, in one study, 77% of small businesses reported more sales as a result of the emails they sent. As a freelancer, that could be a huge win for your business. 

You can provide insider information to clients 

Email is a useful way of not only securing new clients but keeping those existing clients for longer. Subscribers are able to gain content that is exclusively designed for them, making them feel part of the community your brand has built.

From upcoming offers to scoop on sales, make your clients feel as though they’re getting exclusive, insider information and that being on your email list is worth their while.

Allows you to customise communication 

Whether you’re using a custom email that matches your domain, getting creative in the way in which you present your newsletters, or you’re embedding content in the form of images and videos, email marketing allows you to customise your communication.

You can design and display your emails in a way that mirrors the tone and voice of your brand, making them easily identifiable as yours. The more appealing your emails look, the more clients will be interested in your business.

Freelancers should be making use of every marketing opportunity they can to grow their business and build up a solid network of potential clients, and email is one of the most effective tools for doing that. 

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