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Must have remote working tools in 2023

Remote working isn’t just a temporary measure anymore – what was once restricted to a minority, is now mainstream. With this, technology has evolved to meet our needs, from e-signature software to organisational tools. Here are a few of the must-have tools to enhance your remote working experience in 2023. 

Email Marketing: EmailOctopus

Email marketing is essential for any business, and growing your audience couldn’t be simpler with EmailOctopus. With a range of features, from easy-to-customise email templates and forms to to the ability to set campaigns on autopilot, EmailOctopus is an affordable and user-friendly way to grow your brand and build your reputation. 

Communication: Slack

Slack brings remote employees together and it’s one of the most-used collaboration tools globally. It helps you stay productive, build human connection and retain working relationships. With Slack, you can manage your work more easily – it serves as a central place to define the deliverables of a campaign, share results and files, and quickly access project data, as well as keep the ability to chat casually with colleagues. 

Social Media Management: SocialPilot

Social media management is a key part of running a business, whether you’re a solopreneur or a national business. SocialPilot makes it easy to strengthen your brand presence and keep your social channels updated, without it consuming all of your time. This tool enables you to publish content on LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and various other platforms, with an intuitive UI and great customer support. 

Document Signatures: Signeasy

With the ability to connect to various third-party apps like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox and more, Signeasy makes it easy to sign documents remotely when using a pen and paper isn’t possible. It enables you to remotely manage the document signing process, with multiple people able to sign documents individually for legally binding files and tracking who has signed and who still needs to. 

Cost Tracking: FreshBooks

Invoicing clients is an inevitable part of running a business, and the FreshBooks software makes that process easier. From cost tracking and purchase orders to accounts payable and mileage tracking, FreshBooks offers a range of services as part of a subscription-based model to provide you with an all-in-one accounting tool. 

Password Management: LastPass

Managing multiple passwords for different tools and accounts is a challenge for any employee. With LastPass, you have a secure way of keeping all logins in one place, so you only ever need to remember one password. It keeps your digital life secure and passwords can be segmented into categories for easy management. 

Data Security: InstaSafe

Designed for a remote workforce, InstaSafe caters to the risks of cyberattacks when you work in isolation. Workforces are no longer situated in a single location and working from one network, which puts individuals and businesses alike at risk of hackers and criminals. InstaSafe mitigates this risk by placing cloud access and security architecture around apps to protect them. 

Thanks to innovative technology, we’re able to work more effectively from home than ever before. With remote working tools, we can retain continuity in how we work from any location.

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