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Valentines emails we love ❤

In case you missed it, today is Valentine’s day. In 2016, romantic individuals spent over £518m on gifts for loved ones – so it’s unsurprising that brands are keen to grab a piece of the action. Our inbox has been overflowing this morning with marketing emails, desperate to rescue their customers from an after work trip to the petrol station for flowers.

Here’s a round-up of just a few of our favourites and what we think they did well.


Boohoo Valentine's email

Subject Line: Who Needs Flowers When You Can Have 20% Off Everything ❤

What we liked: We love the huge gif, complete with paper aeroplane. The 1-day promotion is also an interesting tactic to encourage urgency in purchasing on the website.

Ann Taylor

Subject line: From Us With L-O-V-E…

What we liked: The beautiful typography which makes up the large image and call to action. A single call to action can often increase click through rates, in this case the whole image links to the Ann Taylor website.

Miann & Co


What we liked: The subject line for this email wasn’t the strongest. That said, we adore the beautiful merchandised pink products and wire hearts (which are included free with every order). Miann & Co is a predominantly Children’s brand and they managed to jump onto the Valentine’s bandwagon yet still remain tasteful and relevant to their audience.


Moo.com Valentine's Day email campaign

Subject line: We got you something

What we liked: The attention-grabbing Gif, and teasing subject line draw you into the email and the call to action. Upon clicking the CTA you’re taken to a symmetric landing page which offers a discount. A great joined up experience, which plays on users curiosity to get them to engage.


Subject line: Hurry! – Get it for Valentines day ?

What we liked: This email was sent late on the 13th February, to encourage last minute buyers to get their orders in. The email follows a similar pattern to many emails received today: A GIF, Single CTA and Discount Code – so whilst it didn’t break any boundaries we thought the execution was superb.


Subject line: L is for the way you lie on me

What we liked: Casper have made buying mattresses cool. This email with some quite brilliant copy makes buying a mattress on Valentines day seem like quite a romantic thing to do. For that alone, it deserves credit.

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Comments to: Valentines emails we love ❤
  • February 14, 2017

    Happy Valentines day ? tom

  • February 21, 2017

    These emails are definitely very catchy and attractive. Thanks for sharing Tom! were these templates created by email octopus? do you have free trial version?

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