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Skyrocket your email marketing with AI

The new buzz on the internet after Web3 is AI and ChatGPT, which has been a hot topic lately, and it’s all over Reddit and Twitter. Though AI is a great writing companion, it is not recommended to use it for writing your complete newsletter or blog, as it would lack your personal thoughts and style.

Using AI as your assistant allows you to spend more time on the creative aspects of writing, such as brainstorming and refining ideas, while leaving other boring pieces of stuff to AI.

What is AI and ChatGPT

So AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, a replication of human intelligence achieved using computer code. Think of it as a code which has intelligence built into it to perform some tasks that need a ton of logic.

Now let’s jump to ChatGPT and what’s the reason for its hype all over the internet. ChatGPT is an AI engine built by OpenAI which is converted into a chatbot UI so that it can conversationally answer all your queries.

Newsletter is all about the personal touch

Before beginning with our content about using AI as an assistant, you need to understand that newsletters and blogs are about personal touch and opinions.

It’s fine to get help from AI for some things, but using AI to do everything would remove the personality from the content that your readers subscribed for.

It can be an excellent tool for generating ideas, improving your content, and creating images. Using AI as a companion, you can save time and energy but maintaining your unique voice and perspective in your newsletter is equally important.

Ways to use AI in email marketing

When it comes to starting using AI to help with your email marketing, then there are several things that can be done. Let’s go through a few of the best possible use cases and understand how AI can be helpful in those cases.

Generate newsletter ideas

As a newsletter writer, sometimes it gets difficult to come up with new ideas to write on. This is where you can use AI to generate some ideas to write your next newsletter on.

Sample of using AI to generate newsletter topics
Sample of using AI to generate newsletter topics

With the help of tools like ChatGPT, you can provide information about what you generally write about and your target audience. Based on this information, the AI will then provide you with a set of ideas to choose from. This can be incredibly valuable, allowing you to explore new topics and angles you may not have considered before. Furthermore, by using AI can also tell sub-topics that should or can be covered under the main topics.

Get help with the subject line and titles

Writer’s block is pretty common among writers, especially when you are writing to the same audience regularly.

AI tools like CopyAI or even ChatGPT can solve this by giving you subject lines and title ideas based on your newsletter topic. Once you get the ideas from these tools, it’s pretty easy to pick the best one and customise it to your liking.

Using ChatGPT to give subject line ideas and also remodel them
Using ChatGPT to give subject line ideas and also remodel them

Writing a catchy subject line is crucial to get the attention of your subscribers, so it gets important to have something that would make users open the email.

Improve your content

Grammatical mistakes are comon, and you need to proofread everything to find and fix errors before publishing. AI can help you improve your content by analysing your writing style and providing suggestions for improvement and grammatical mistakes.

P.S.: Did you catch the spelling error above? If not, you surely need something that can help you write error-free content.

Sample UI of Grammarly suggestions
Sample UI of Grammarly suggestions

Tools like Grammarly combines rules, patterns, and AI to identify grammatical errors, suggest better word choices and improve the overall readability of your content.

You can also give your text as it is to ChatGPT and ask it to fix grammar mistakes or even help you fix the tone.

Get growth hacks

Another great use case of AI tools like ChatGPT is to get ideas and general growth hacks. Though you can easily Google the same, but the conversational UI is far easier plus you can ask ChatGPT to certain sections or even go deep with the implementation of the growth hacks suggested by it.

Though ChatGPT gives great output but do keep in mind that the growth ideas shared are general ones, you need to take a call on what would work for your newsletter and what would not.

Create images for your newsletter

Last but not the least – AI such as Midjourney or Canva (their new text-to-image feature) is a great way to generate images when you can get the exact match you are looking for.

Canva text-to-image demo
Canva text-to-image demo

These can help you create images based on your prompt for your newsletter by generating the exact images you would need. These images can be directly used as it is or can be used as a component for the graphics you are making.

Either way, it’s a great option to look at.


Using AI as a tool to assist with your newsletter can be incredibly helpful in generating ideas, improving your content, and creating images. However, it’s important to remember that your content should still maintain your unique voice and perspective. With the right AI tools, you can save time and energy while still creating a personalised and engaging newsletter or blog for your subscribers.

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