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Life as an Intern at EmailOctopus

When you think about the typical intern experience, you probably think of a recent graduate making countless cups of coffee, being sent out on impossible errands and tasked with projects they’re not at all qualified for.

Not at EmailOctopus! Working at such a dynamic and fast-growing digital start-up gives an intern the chance to truly understand what goes on to make a business tick, grow and thrive, particularly in such a busy market. All whilst given excellent guidance from a friendly team. Nothing to do with making cups of coffee!

During my time at the company, I worked on a few different projects and some smaller tasks too. My projects involved research into the prospects for EmailOctopus’ international expansion, and designing a pricing survey for our customers. Smaller tasks involved keeping an eye on our social feeds and lots of copywriting, including refreshing older blog posts and website pages. Completing such an array of projects has given me a useful overview of how a business runs and functions to its very core, something I think is important when entering into the world of work. It has confirmed that I really enjoy the content and editorial side of digital marketing, something I had only loose experience of beforehand.

I think the biggest advantage of interning at EmailOctopus is that you get the chance to work on worthwhile tasks that matter to the company and the team. This improves your own abilities and helps you build on skills, whilst working alongside a great team.

In fact, I can’t write about my time at EmailOctopus without mentioning the team. Tom, Jon, Ben and Albert have all been so welcoming and helpful throughout my time here, always being happy to answer my questions or finding time to demonstrate how something works.

2/3rds of the team in sunny Manchester (before we got delayed at the not-so-sunny station)

Some of the other highlights have been our trip to Manchester in July – Tom, Albert and I went up to join Ben for a couple of days and were lucky with the weather… or so we thought, until we got delayed on the way back to London due to the heat! In my last week, Jon was over from Vancouver and we all went out to do a surprise activity, the Crystal Maze in London. Being team captain of a group of really (over)excited guys may seem daunting but is actually pretty amusing!

“Say Team Octopus!”

It goes without saying that I am really grateful to the EmailOctopus team for giving me the opportunity to gain unique work experience that I’m sure will help in the months to come, as I start applying for graduate jobs. Arriving fresh out of uni into the workplace isn’t easy – working life is very different, but EmailOctopus is prepared to ease you into that, with lots of fun along the way.

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