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Introducing the new and improved EmailOctopus 🎉

Thanks to the support and loyalty of our customers, EmailOctopus has grown beyond our expectations since we launched in 2014. We’re amazed, humbled and delighted that over 30,000 organisations have signed up and used our service to send their emails.

With growth comes change, and we’re always dedicated to innovating and improving. Something we’ve heard from customers over the years is that connecting EmailOctopus to Amazon Web Services can be a bit tricky. For some, it’s too complicated all together, and we know that in the past it’s taken a bit of technical know-how to feel comfortable getting set up with the platform.

With that in mind, we’ve launched a new version of EmailOctopus – so there are now two options to choose from when signing up.

The new version is a fully independent email service provider – so you don’t need to connect an AWS account to use the service. This means new users can sign up and start sending emails in seconds, even with limited technical experience. It’s a big step in making EmailOctopus the easiest and most affordable email marketing platform on the internet – for everyone.

The original version of EmailOctopus – that integrates with AWS – still exists, and we’ve renamed it EmailOctopus Connect. New users can still sign up to EmailOctopus Connect, and if you’re an existing customer on the original product then you can stick with the platform you know and love – it’s not going anywhere. You’ll still continue to receive the great deliverability and cost savings associated with sending through Amazon SES.

A big thank you to all our customers for helping us reach this milestone. As always, we love hearing what you think, so please feel free to get in touch at jon@emailoctopus.com to share any feedback or ideas. And if you know anyone who would be interested in trying EmailOctopus, don’t forget that every time you refer a Pro user via your rewards link we’ll give you both $15 in credit.

Jonathan and the EmailOctopus team

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