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Black Friday email marketing: importance, examples, and top tips

Black Friday is almost here, and it’s one of the biggest shopping extravaganzas of the year. Most businesses wait for times like these to sell their products and services to a large group of customers. To achieve this, marketing strategies such as ads, social media and email marketing are leveraged to let everyone know about the “Black Friday” sale and discounts.

While there’s a lot to talk about, but in this blog we’ll stick to how you can leverage email marketing this Black Friday to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

Importance of Black Friday in marketing

The importance of Black Friday for marketers simply cannot be overlooked. To put this into some prospective, in 2019, UK retailers generated sales worth approximately £8.57 billion during the Black Friday sales week. This is a big number considering all this happened in just 7 days.

Furthermore, Adobe forecasts a record $221.8 billion will be spent online this holiday season (Nov-Dec 2023). They also mentioned in their report, “email and newsletter category has been holding steady and is expected to remain steady throughout the holiday season.”

All this data and report shows just two things, and that’s the importance of events like Black Friday and how efficient email marketing is in situations like these.

Best Black Friday email examples

Before we start discussing on email marketing strategies, it’s important that we first have a look at some of the best examples and understand what a good email for Black Friday should look like.

Flings early Black Friday email

Flings are a healthy snack brand that came up with a nice little email which was sent before Black Friday to all of their subscribers.

As Black Friday sales and discounts are a known fact to consumers, hence many wait for the sale to go live before they make a purchase. Many even switch to an alternative brand if they get a better offer. This is why it’s important to convert them as soon as possible.

This mail from Flings is great because their Black Friday email sequence starts before Friday, so they can start converting all the prospects who have been waiting for discounts and sales to go live.

Article’s pre-sale email

This email by Article does have a similar approach to Flings but instead of making people start purchasing right away with an early sale, they make them wait until the start of next week.

This is a great way of notifying people as buying furniture is a bigger decision compared to snacks; hence this acts as a notification to motivate their subscribers to think of what they need to buy. Its also a good way to get customers interested in your products.

Orangewood Guitars Black Friday email

This email is from Orangewood, a guitar brand, and if you want to see a rather simple Black Friday, this is it.

This email doesn’t have any fancy features, but it does check out the essentials and works flawlessly. Also, it’s better to have something rather than nothing.

Google post sale email

Another good example of Black Friday email is by Google. This email was the last one in their Black Friday email sequence. Having a post sale email helps capture customers who probably missed your previous email.

Black Friday email marketing tips

There are a few tips for having a successful email marketing campaign this Black Friday, but not all of them apply to everyone, so let’s focus on the main ones and see how you can start your email marketing campaign.

Be clear with messaging

The first and most important tip is to be clear with your messaging while sending your email. It should be clear that your email is all about the Black Friday sale and what discounts are being offered.

You should focus on building urgency and excitement with the offered discounts and refrain from talking much about your products.

Have a discount with urgency

Having a discount is a no-brainer for a successful Black Friday sale, but it’s equally important to create a sense of urgency among your subscribers.  This can be simply achieved by adding a timer or statement like “Offer ends in 48 hours”.

This urgency would help you convert people who have been waiting for better offers or considering products from your competitors.

Incorporate CTA

Black Friday emails should have a clear goal, just like all other marketing emails. Having multiple clear CTA is a must when sending email with the intention of conversion.

Your CTA should be clear, well written and goal oriented. A quick example would be to use “Save 25% on healthy sacks” instead of just writing “Buy now” in your CTA.

Moreover, if you’re sending a lengthy email, you should try to include the CTA multiple times, so the user will always be able to find it easily.

Send emails before, during and after Black Friday

Last but not the least, you should have a planned sequence for your Black Friday emails. The sequence should begin a couple of days before and should also end on Sunday or Monday.

Do checkout this guide to understand how to create a proper launch sequence for your Black Friday sale.


Remember that Black Friday deals last a week, so try to spread your marketing efforts throughout the week. Also, try to be clear in your emails for Black Friday and look for inspiration from other companies in your industry when in doubt.

If you still don’t have a plan for this Black Friday, then this is the right time to start. Feel free to sign up for EmailOctopus and start sending your marketing emails for free.

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