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Using email marketing to boost ticket sales

Our customers use EmailOctopus to promote everything from celeb gossip to erotic fiction. Whatever you’re using email for, we’re happy to have you on board.

This post is for all the event promoters out there: we caught up with Jonny from ticketing platform Ticket Tailor to find out why email should be your go-to marketing tool. He told us why email works so well for selling tickets and how you can use it to shift seats at your next event.

The success of your event depends on selling enough tickets to cover costs. Straightforward on paper, often more difficult in reality. For many of our customers, email is the best channel for reach their audience and selling out a full house. Here’s why we think that is…

1. Consistent communication

A person might be really interested in your event. For whatever reason, they might not be able – or willing – to buy a ticket straight away. Instead, they can subscribe to your list. Now you’re able to keep in touch with them and hopefully catch them at a time when they’re willing to commit.

Play around with your strategy: test sends on different days of the week, different times of day and different calls to action to see what gets people over the line.

And make sure your newsletter opt-in is nice and clear on your site, so you can capture people who won’t buy today but might buy tomorrow.

2. Big announcements

Whether you’ve just added a hot new band to your festival lineup or secured an acclaimed speaker for your conference, these are the announcements that sell tickets.

It’s not just big, headline acts that have a positive impact on your guestlist: every addition to your event is likely to appeal to someone, and push them closer to pulling out their wallet.

Your mailing list is the perfect platform for announcements like this. You should still put announcements on your website, of course, but your list allows you to reach the right superfan directly to let them know they can buy a ticket to see their favourite band/speaker/comedian etc.

3. Look to the future

Building your email list is an investment in future events. Every new subscriber is another highly targeted person with an interest in events like yours – and as you build your list, more and more of these people are just a button click away.

If you want to kick-start your next event with some early ticket sales, that mailing list you’re building now should prove invaluable.

4. Discount codes

Sending a discount code to your mailing list is an easy way to sell more tickets for your event. These people have already expressed an interest – now you’re giving them the extra incentive to jump in.

Your list is also the perfect audience to offer heavily discounted tickets to sell those final few tickets needed to meet your quotas.

And you can also use discounts as an incentive for people to subscribe to your mailing list as well. Remember, these are highly targeted customers who you can market future events to.

5. Feedback

If you want your event to thrive long-term, you should always be looking to improve for next time.

A mailing list allows you to contact a large group of attendees post-event to get their honest feedback. By learning what guests liked, and what they didn’t, you have all the insight you need to organise the event your audience wants next time – the perfect way to bring in more people in the future.

Thanks, Jonny! Jonny runs Ticket Tailor, a ticketing platform with no per-ticket fees that you can use from £15 a month, with no contract.

If you’re not yet an EmailOctopus customer you can sign up a free trial now. We’re easy to use, give great customer service and always aim to be the cheapest option out there.

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