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Get more leads with these upsell email tips

Upselling is the act of persuading a customer to buy an advanced version of your product to increase your revenue, while also giving your customers more value for their money, by showing them products they might not have looked at otherwise.

Email marketing provides an effective way to upsell, but there are a few best practices you should follow to get the most out of your efforts. 

Segment your audience

It stands to reason that your existing and potential customers won’t have the same interests, even if you happen to operate in a niche market. If you want your upselling efforts to be effective, you need to segment your audience and understand what each group is looking for.

💡 Break your audience down by purchase history, demographics, interests and more, based on your business and goals, so you can compose different emails based on each segment. 

Personalise your emails

Upselling may be all about selling your product, but the irony is that you don’t want it to be obvious that’s what you’re doing, or it could have the opposite effect. Personalising your emails will make your readers more perceptive to them and will increase open rates and conversions as a result.

Make your readers feel valued by giving the impression that each email they receive from you is a tailored conversation, whether that’s suggesting products based on their past purchases or addressing unique concerns they’re facing by providing a solution. 

Make it easy to unsubscribe

Don’t be desperate in your upselling attempts – if your audience feels too pressured by your efforts, they’re not likely to convert. You need to give people the freedom to walk away when they want and make it easy for them to do so.

While it may seem counterproductive, making it easy to unsubscribe will leave you with a group of people who are more interested in what you’re offering, and a more valid email list, which will provide you with the results you want to achieve. 

Encourage social media sharing

Many businesses miss the opportunity to direct their readers to their social channels, but it’s a big mistake. The main benefit of social media for businesses is the boost to your brand awareness, so it makes sense to include buttons in your email marketing campaigns that make it easy for your readers to follow and support you.

💡 To get more people to share your content and sign up to different social platforms, why not create a rewards programme which offers your subscribers discounts or free trials? 

Ask for feedback

If you want to improve the quality of your upselling emails and bring in more leads, then it’s worth going to the source and asking your audience directly what it is they want to see from you.

Feedback can be scary, but it’s critical to making sure that what you’re sending out to people is hitting the right note, and that the frequency of your emails is appropriate. Acting on the feedback you receive from your subscribers will ensure a higher open and click-through rate, and ultimately more conversions. 

Upselling is much more effective when you factor these tips into your email marketing strategy, whether it’s acting on feedback, niching down with segmentation or making the best use of your platform to raise brand awareness.

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