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How iOS updates impact email marketing

A recent iOS update brought Mail Privacy Protection to Apple phone users, which might affect how email marketers operate moving forward. Here are some of the features email professionals should be aware of and how they affect email marketing campaigns. 

Open Rate and IP Data Collection

The new feature has undoubtedly had an immediate impact on collecting open rate and IP data, which is one of the most critical email marketing metrics we have. It shows us whether our audience is interested in the campaigns we send out or not, and it can inform subject lines and email content. Without this data, we can’t know whether iOS users are interacting with email campaigns and whether the content or subject lines really resonate.


Segmentation is critical to delivering the most relevant and valuable content to users, based on their previous behaviour. IP data is useful for segmenting audiences and improving engagement and conversions, which is not possible without this data. For example, email professionals may have previously created a segment based on non-openers, delivering personalised content to encourage them to click through. But they can no longer do this due to the limitations on the data available to them. 

Delivery optimisation

Email deliverability is critical to high performing email marketing strategies and taking away a huge chunk of the data upon which those strategies are developed will cause issues. Deliverability is an important metric that’s needed to improve a strategy and ensure that emails are making their way to the inbox successfully. 

Live data usage

The new updates have also affected access to live data usage. So, marketers using countdown timers as part of an eCommerce marketing strategy will have found that this feature was no longer functioning for them, causing issues with their marketing efforts. 

Email list cleaning

Finally, email list cleaning is vital for improving various aspects of an email strategy, from sender reputation to conversions. But you need to monitor subscriber engagement for it to be successful, and the lack of data makes this process harder to carry out. 

Learning to adapt

For email marketers, the trick is to adapt and there are several ways to do this. Firstly, run A/B tests on all users as soon as possible since the adoption rate for the iOS 15 update is still less than half currently. Email marketers should also invest in email list management software to organise contacts and understand their behaviours and requirements so they can deliver the right content to them. 

In summary

Being able to adapt to new technology and updates makes all the difference to your email marketing strategy, ensuring you’re functioning at maximum capacity. From making decisions based on the data to checking email open rates and polishing your content marketing, the new iOS updates will give email professionals challenges but hopefully also opportunities. 

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