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The link between email marketing & SEO

Email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are two separate marketing channels, but they can have a powerful impact on each other when used together. In this blog, we will explore the link between email marketing and SEO and how they can work together to boost your marketing efforts.

What is SEO?

SEO is a set of strategies and techniques you can use to align your content with the guidelines Google and other search engines use to determine where a page sits in search results. The goal of SEO is to make your content more noticeable in the eyes of Google, so you receive more traffic to that page, but you also need to ensure those clicks come from the right users. 

Incorporating email into your SEO strategy

There are numerous ranking factors you can focus on, from keyword optimisation to online reputation management and delivering a better user experience. Here are a few ways you can incorporate email into your SEO strategy.

Build links through email campaigns

Email marketing campaigns can be an effective way to build links to your website, which is a key factor in SEO. By including links to your website in your email campaigns, you can drive traffic to the right pages and boost your website’s search engine rankings.

Keep it personal with video content

One of the issues that can arise with email marketing is that you’re sending content to a large list, which means there’s a risk of things getting impersonal. In addition to keeping the tone friendly and engaging, you can add a personal touch with video content which feels more like a friendly face delivering a message than some bland text. Make sure you keep the quality high, the length of the video short and make sure it loads quickly so as not to waste your readers’ time. 

Make sure you’re optimising for mobile

Almost half of marketing emails are opened on mobile, so if you’re not optimising your newsletters to be mobile-friendly, you could be sabotaging your efforts. Optimising for mobile will result in a better user experience, which is one of the SEO ranking factors Google considers, and will encourage better engagement rates. 

A few ways to do this is to make sure your email design is responsive, limit the number of images used, make every word count and keep the email short. You also want to enlarge links by placing them in large buttons as regular links can be hard to press on a mobile device. 

Create accessible content

Bad user experiences carry an awful lot of weight and can be detrimental to your SEO strategy. Making sure your content is accessible is crucial to a positive experience and there are several ways to ensure that everyone can view and engage with your email content.

💡 For example, pick a font size which is adapted to a smaller screen, use an off-white or light grey background so the contrast is improved and include alt text for your images, links and any interactive elements so those using a screen reader still understand what’s on the page. 

Email marketing and SEO are two separate marketing channels that can have a powerful impact on each other when used together.

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