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Customer feature – Formsort, a popular form builder & creator

Yael Weinreich is the Director of Business Operations at Formsort, a form builder that focuses on personalisation, conversions and privacy while being easy to use and no-code. We caught up with Yael to learn more about Formsort and how they use email marketing at their organisations.

So Yael, what are Formsort’s priorities at the moment? Is there something new coming?

Formsort focuses on empowering product teams to build and optimise essential forms such as onboarding, check-ins, quizzes and many more.

We keep pushing updates to Formsort regularly, and recently, we launched a content library feature for creating and managing consistent and reusable content across multiple flows. Apart from product updates, we focus on email marketing by sharing product updates and recent articles, discussing future features and showcasing how our customers use Formsort.

Formsort's Website
Formsort’s Website

How does Formsort use email marketing?

Email marketing is crucial for us at Formsort to stay in touch with our customers, potential leads, stakeholders, and more.

We use EmailOctopus to send monthly product updates, Formsort surveys to collect customer feedback and other relevant content such as our blogs or case studies. For example, in our last newsletter, we shared updates on a new feature we released, recent articles, customer spotlights, and future plans.

Formsort's past newsletter
Formsort’s past newsletter

EmailOctopus is a valuable tool for us to maintain regular communication and keep our subscribers informed about all updates about Formsort.

In the wider marketing mix, what role does email marketing play? How does this fit alongside other channels like social media, and why is email marketing still important?

Email marketing plays a vital role in our overall marketing mix. It allows us to reach our audience directly, which includes our customers, potential leads, and stakeholders. Email complements our other marketing channels, like social media, by providing a more personal and direct communication channel. Email marketing serves as a reliable communication channel, not just for product updates but also for collecting user feedback and helping us build a long-term relationships.

Have you used something else for email marketing before switching to EmailOctopus?

We had used ActiveCampaign for about 5–6 months before switching to EmailOctopus. The experience with ActiveCampaign was less than ideal. Although it had many features, it was too complicated for us and pretty slow.

Besides being complicated, ActiveCampaign was more expensive than EmailOctopus by 7–8 times.

How did you hear about us? And when did you decide to switch?

We first heard about EmailOctopus through IndieHackers and love supporting bootstrapped startups. After learning more about EmailOctopus and its features, we decided to make the switch from ActiveCampaign.

Why did you decide to move over to EmailOctopus?

We chose EmailOctopus because it had everything we needed for our email marketing campaigns. It is extremely user-friendly and easy to us. Also, the migration from ActiveCampaign was smooth. This simplicity and affordability compelled us to switch.

Any particular features or anything we do well?

EmailOctopus excels in several areas. It offers a comprehensive set of features, including lists, segments, tags, templates, and editing capabilities. The user-friendly interface, responsive support team, and detailed campaign analytics have also been highly appreciated.

Furthermore, the ability to easily start or duplicate campaigns and the automation are great additions. EmailOctopus seamlessly integrates with Formsort using Zapier, which helps us have automated newsletter signups. When users sign up via a Formsort form, Zapier sends their contact information to EmailOctopus, adding new subscribers to our list automatically, saving time and ensuring efficient email marketing.

Newsletter sign-up form built on Formsort
Newsletter sign-up form built on Formsort

What difference has using EmailOctopus made for you?

Using EmailOctopus has made a significant difference for us. It has not only saved us time and money compared to our previous email marketing tool but has also provided a superior user experience. This has greatly improved our efficiency in managing email campaigns.

Are there any figures to back up that contribution?

Absolutely! After switching to EmailOctopus, we saved around 90% of our email marketing costs.

What is your advice to others who are considering using EmailOctopus?

Our advice to others considering EmailOctopus is simple:

  1. Give it a try.
  2. Test the product and see how easy it is to use.
  3. Evaluate if it meets your specific needs.

We’re guessing it will be exactly what you need.

Are there any features you think we need to build next?

There are a few features that I’d like to have:

  • Allow for the addition of a reply-to email address.
  • Ability to set different settings for mobile and desktop.
  • Implement global settings for branding consistency across templates and blocks.
  • Add settings like border radius and social icons’ background colour.
  • Create a trigger for Zapier when someone unsubscribes.

Can you see Formsort using EmailOctopus in the future?

Yes, we see Formsort continuing to use EmailOctopus in the future. Its ease of use, affordability, and seamless integration with other tools make it an ideal choice for our email marketing needs.

What will you be using email marketing for in the future? Any big or interesting projects to promote?

In the future, we plan to use email marketing to promote significant projects and initiatives. We aim to keep our subscribers informed about upcoming product launches, feature updates, and other exciting developments within Formsort. We will also continue to collect customer feedback via Formsort surveys to continuously improve the product to meet their needs. Keeping our audience updated on our progress will remain an essential part of our email marketing strategy.

Thanks, Yael!

Find out more about Formsort at formsort.comJoin the mailing list or follow @formsorthq on social media to find out about upcoming features and updates.

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