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Home to some of the world’s most ambitious entrepreneurs, Level39 supports fast-growth tech companies by connecting them to world-class customers, talent and infrastructure. What began as a simple idea back in 2013 has grown to a three-floor, 80,000 square foot community space in the heart of Canary Wharf, London. Level39 was built on the concepts of community and diversity, and the partnerships that occur here are tackling some of the great challenges of our time. They’ve been a user of EmailOctopus since July 2017. So…Continue Reading “Customer feature: Level39 – the world’s most connected tech community”

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Since its inception some 12 years ago, Folksy has become the home of British craft. Artists and designers from all over the British Isles sell their handmade gifts and original artwork to an eager community of craft-lovers. This community shares a genuine appreciation of local talent and the skill that goes into everything from jewellery to clothing, ceramics to stationary. The lovingly crafted items on sale are the stuff of Instagram and Pinterest dreams – head over to their social media channels and you’ll see…Continue Reading “Customer feature: Folksy – the UK’s biggest online craft fair”

If you know J. Cole, you probably know him as a rapper, singer and songwriter with a back catalogue full of top ten hits and Grammy-nominated records. You might not know that he’s also the head of Dreamville Records, a record label he co-founded in 2007 that boasts a roster of eight rappers and hip hop artists. We’re excited to have J. Cole and Dreamville as EmailOctopus users – and recently we spoke to his team to hear about how they use email marketing to…Continue Reading “Customer feature: J. Cole and Dreamville Records”

At EmailOctopus we have the privilege of working with a wide and colourful customer base, offering a variety of services from insurance to erotica. Whatever their line of work, we love hearing our customers’ stories of how they built their businesses and how email has helped them grow. Recently, we caught up with Liz Gavin from Elessar Books: her series of female-focussed erotic stories span everything from ancient history to magic and paranormal. Whatever your romantic fantasy, it’s likely Liz has written about it. Writing…Continue Reading “Meet Liz Gavin: International best-selling romance writer”

For the past 17 years, Popbitch has made its business spilling the secrets of the rich and famous. Now with a subscriber base in the hundreds of thousands, the weekly newsletter prides itself on dishing the very best dirt each and every Thursday. While Popbitch likes to keep its news lighthearted, it’s broken some serious stories over the years. Longtime readers will have heard from Popbitch long before the mainstream media about major scandals from the News International phone hacking controversy in the UK to…Continue Reading “Popbitch: dishing the dirt directly to your inboxes since 1999”

Ernie Smith is on a mission: to share and celebrate the dull side of the internet. With his twice-weekly newsletter Tedium, Ernie delves into the most mundane corners of the web and shares his findings with a growing fanbase. Since 2015 he’s kept 9,000 subscribers informed about everything from corduroy to walkie talkies to those stringy bits on bananas you never knew the name for (they’re called phloem bundles, FYI). Tedium’s mission is to find fascination in even the most tedious topics. “I try to…Continue Reading “How Tedium founder Ernie Smith uses EmailOctopus to broadcast the banal”