Women in email LoriBeth Blair interview

Since the rise of digital in the 1990s, marketing has become a broad field that encompasses everything from social media to SEO, branding to advertising. Within email marketing alone you’ll find specialisms that include copywriting and the more technical field of deliverability. But if, as we recently investigated, the stages and panels of email marketing industry events have been low on women in the past, then the technical niches within this industry have been even more lacking in gender diversity. It’s no secret that the…Continue Reading “Gender diversity in the email marketing industry: an interview with LoriBeth Blair”

Women in email interview with Kath Pay

Marketing has traditionally been considered a career path well suited to women. And it’s often been an industry where you’ll generally find a healthy ratio of women to men. Yet this gender diversity has not always translated to more public arenas. Like industry conferences and events. For a long time, speaking panels have been heavily swayed in favour of men. But there have been a number of women blazing a trail as keynote speakers in email marketing. One of those women is business founder and…Continue Reading “Gender diversity in the email marketing industry: an interview with Kath Pay”

Women in email interview with Jen Larson

Since the advent of digital marketing in the 1990s, men have dominated the arena. Google top digital marketing influencers and the majority of results will be men. Back in 2015, Moz analysed their Online Marketing Industry Survey and highlighted that women only accounted for, on average, 30% of the digital marketing workforce. And it’s not hard to imagine that when you enter the niche fields of technology and data within digital marketing, that average proportion shrinks further. Starting her career as a chemist, Jen Larson…Continue Reading “Gender diversity in the email marketing industry: an interview with Jen Larson”

Female speaker at the Email Innovations Summit

Marketing has long been considered a fairly gender balanced industry. The creativity and empathy required to persuade customers to buy products and services are traits that women are considered to possess in abundance. And yet something curious happens when you step into the world of industry conferences and events. Women are not found in such abundance. It’s always been easy to find male marketing gurus populating speaker panels and keynote presentations. Yet it’s not been quite so easy to find female experts and female industry…Continue Reading “International Women’s Day: Women in email and the need to speak”

Women in email interview with Jenna Tiffany

Marketing has been widely considered a welcoming industry for women. This year’s Email Geeks Survey Salary suggests that women are well-represented in director roles and earn healthy incomes for their expertise. Yet on the panels and stages of international industry conferences, the female species are not so well-represented. And in an effort to address this balance, in recent years more and more women are putting themselves forward as speakers. One of those women is Jenna Tiffany, a chartered marketer, business founder and digital marketing expert….Continue Reading “Gender diversity in email marketing: an interview with Jenna Tiffany”

Sat in the audience of an email marketing industry conference and you may be forgiven for thinking it’s a male-dominated industry. The same could be said for even Googling ’email marketing experts’. You’ll find many male names in the results but not so many female names. In the past, the speaker panels and stages of such conferences have failed to fairly represent the genders. Yet more recently, women like Leah Miranda and fellow industry experts are making it their business to change that representation. An…Continue Reading “Gender diversity in the email marketing industry: an interview with Leah Miranda”

Women in email interview with Kait Creamer

Marketing has long been considered a fairly even playing field as far as the genders are concerned. In some cases, women make up nearly two thirds of the industry, especially in fields like Public Relations. But look on stage at marketing conferences and those numbers don’t seem to follow. Until recently, keynotes and speaker panels at industry events were overwhelming male. But email marketing expert and international keynote speaker, Kait Creamer, is one of many women shifting that balance in female favour. Beginning her eclectic…Continue Reading “Gender diversity in the email marketing industry: an interview with Kait Creamer”

Women in email interview with Jeanne Jennings

The stages and speaking panels of email marketing conferences have long been a lonely place for women. Rewind a decade and there were just a few trailblazing women making a name for themselves as speakers. One of those women was industry veteran and email marketing expert, Jeanne Jennings. With a long and illustrious career, Jeanne is considered an industry influencer and is involved in some of email’s best known communities. Ahead of this year’s International Women’s Day, I spoke to Jeanne about gender diversity and…Continue Reading “Gender diversity in the email marketing industry: an interview with Jeanne Jennings”