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How to brand your nonprofit via email strategies

Using email strategies to brand your nonprofit will enable you to not only cater your content to your target audience more effectively, but also help to increase traffic to your site and ultimately boost donations.

Here are some cost-effective branding strategies for nonprofits that help you stand out from the crowd. 

Continuously share your nonprofit’s design 

Create a memorable and effective logo for your brand and share it continuously to help people recognise it and become more and more familiar with your message.

While you should be including your brand’s logo on every email sent, you can also utilise your message further by designing your emails and newsletters to include your logo’s colour and style in terms of fonts, marketing materials, social media campaigns and more. 

Personalise every email 

Your readers will notice, and expect, a personalised email sent to them including their first name in initial greetings – but you can go one step further than this for successful branding. Analyse data using data gathering functions to determine more information on your target audience. 

Does one reader regularly donate a specific amount? Include a link or button with this amount suggested on their email to help keep things convenient for them. Take advantage of the information you have on your audience and use it to make donating quick and easy.  

Regularly engage with your audience  

Don’t only email about your nonprofit when requesting donations, keep in touch with your readers at regular intervals to provide them with different pieces of information about your brand and share the success of your most recent campaigns. 

Allow your audience to become as involved as possible by starting polls and discussion groups on your social platforms – people like to have their say on what matters. Continuous communication and interaction from your nonprofit will increase the chances of your supporters maintaining their subscription to you.  

Hold competitions for audience interaction 

Holding competitions, games and giveaways is a great way of keeping your subscribers interested in your nonprofit and can also boost engagement regularly, driving more traffic to your site. Why not collaborate and partner with other brands who share your message and demographic. There are lots of companies willing to work with nonprofits and donate prizes for such occasions.  

Connect with influencers 

There are many people who share the same view or agree with the message of your nonprofit, so utilise these connections as much as possible to brand your campaign successfully. Influencers, activists and other bloggers are generally good people to form relationships with as they have large audiences that they can share your content with to spread the word and help boost your engagement. 

Start forming connections with different people on different social media platforms so that you can increase the size of your audience and ultimately, gain more addresses on your mailing list.  

Final thoughts

Infusing your email marketing with your unique brand and personality will help forge stronger connections with your audience for better results and more donations. 

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