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Customer feature: Toggl Plan – helping businesses plan projects with ease

Toggl Plan is the easy-to-use visual planning tool that helps teams get a visual overview of their work. Designed with speed and simplicity in mind, it helps keep everyone in the loop in just a few clicks, with a beautiful timeline & kanban board combination. 

What began as a bootstrapped side-project to support the time tracking tool Toggl has since become an independent company. With a fully remote team scattered around the globe. But headquartered in Estonia.

They’ve been a user of EmailOctopus since June 2018. So we caught up with Ryan Prior, the marketing team lead at Toggl Plan, to find out more about how they use the platform. And what’s on the horizon for their own.

Tell us a little about Toggl Plan and the job you do there.

Toggl Plan is a beautifully simple tool for managing your tasks, teams and projects. It’s a lightweight and easy way to get a visual overview, keeping everyone in the loop about who’s doing what, and what’s happening when.

My role there is Marketing Team Lead. Our small team of three takes care of everything related to demand generation, product marketing, communications – that kind of thing.

Photo of the team at Toggl Plan
The team at Toggl Plan

Why do you use EmailOctopus for email marketing?

Our needs when it comes to email marketing are relatively basic. We really only need to import our email lists, send our users news and updates, and display basic performance analytics. EmailOctopus does that well.

Other tools come with fancier features that we don’t need, meaning a higher price tag too. EmailOctopus does what we need it to, and saves us some money along the way.

How do we compare to the competition?

Without going into the specifics too much, based on my experience, EmailOctopus has a more affordable price point, without sacrificing quality. And by quality I mean things like deliverability and support.

If you don’t need more complex features like those found with AWeber, Mailchimp, CampaignMonitor and so on, then I’d definitely recommend EmailOctopus.

EmailOctopus does what we need it to, and saves us some money along the way.

Ryan Prior, Toggl Plan

What new features in EmailOctopus would have the greatest impact on your business?

I’d love to be able to ‘clean up’ email lists within EmailOctopus. That could be, for example, a feature that checks for and removes any duplicate email addresses.

Finally, what does the future hold for Toggl Plan?

Tonnes of exciting things! First and foremost, we fully intend to stick to our core strength – giving teams a beautiful and simple visual overview of their work. We’re not trying to add every feature under the sun or compete with project management tools and ‘Work OS’ platforms like Monday.com and Asana.

And without giving too much away, or any ETAs, things we’re working on right now include our mobile app, an integration with Toggl Track, general in-app speed/performance, and some commonly requested features.

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