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New and improved actions in Zapier for integration with EmailOctopus

Zapier is the go-to tool for anyone wanting to automate repetitive tasks. And connect their web-based services to push data from one source to another.

With the EmailOctopus integration, Zapier enables you to connect your email marketing platform with thousands of online applications, including Shopify, ClickFunnels, Facebook Lead Ads and much more.

Through the Zapier integration, you can push new customers and leads into your EmailOctopus mailing lists. Or unsubscribe emails based on certain triggers in your preferred ecommerce platform or CRM.

And now, with our latest update, you can do so much more.

Screenshot of the actions now available in the Zapier integration with EmailOctopus

The EmailOctopus Zapier integration – what’s new?

In summary, we’ve added two new actions and improved the existing “Add Subscriber” action. Here’s what it means for you.

Add/Update Subscriber

It’s always been possible to create a new subscriber in your EmailOctopus mailing list via Zapier. But this action will now also update existing contacts in your list.

For example, if you’re using an opt-in form provider to collect data on subscribers at the time of signup, you can now push that data through to EmailOctopus. This data will populate the custom fields in your EmailOctopus dashboard. And this enables you to segment your lists based on particular preferences or demographics.

It also means that the latest customer information in your ecommerce store is always synced with your contact lists in EmailOctopus.

Find Contact

This new action enables you to find a contact in your EmailOctopus mailing list via any app you’re connected to with Zapier. It means you can now take data out of EmailOctopus and use this data in your other platforms.

Let’s look at an example.

You’ve got an email address on a Google Sheet. And you want to combine that with first/last name data that lives in EmailOctopus.

With this new action you can search EmailOctopus for the contact, extract the first/last name and add that to your Google Sheet.

Update Email Address

This second new action means you can sync changes to subscriber/customer contact details between your various platforms.

Let’s say you have a customer in Shopify who updates their email address. If you’re using Zapier to connect your Shopify account with EmailOctopus, that change will now automatically update in your mailing list.

No more having to manually update contacts with imported lists. With the Zapier integration, it’s all done for you.

If you’re using Zapier to connect EmailOctopus with other apps, see how you can automate more of your tasks with these new actions.

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