We’ve been busy surveying some of the hottest software companies out there, asking them what their biggest email marketing tips and tricks are. We were eager to know the things they have learnt through years of experimentation, research and trial and error and they didn’t disappoint us with their responses! Below we’ve broken down what each of the companies do and what their major pieces of email marketing advice are. There’s a gold mine of advice below so be sure to read to the end!…Continue Reading “We asked 9 SaaS companies for their best tips on email marketing, here’s what they said”

The story and lessons behind sustainably scaling EmailOctopus. Last month we hit a significant milestone in the journey of our email marketing platform, EmailOctopus. Over the past couple of years we’ve hit a number of milestones; hundreds of customers, thousands of users and hundreds of thousands in revenue. But 1,000,000,000 emails, despite being very much a vanity metric, feels like our most significant milestone yet. We’re super proud of the difficult work, much of it complex and technical, in acquiring, keeping and servicing our users. We’ve…Continue Reading “The road to one billion emails”

A couple of months ago, as we worked on adding templates to EmailOctopus, we discussed open-sourcing the work that our team had produced. A recent launch of paid email templates on Product Hunt had attracted significant interest and upvotes, so we believed there was a big opportunity for a series of free email templates. This formed the basis of a major lead generation campaign, with the aim to improve the profile and awareness of our email marketing platform. Two weeks later we launched those templates on Product Hunt. The totally free templates – as well…Continue Reading “The secrets behind a successful Product Hunt launch”

As a bootstrapped start-up, we look to find as many ways as possible to save money whilst growing as quickly as possible. Over the past few months we’ve been growing by around 40% month on month, to a point where we are now processing in excess of 40m emails per week on behalf of our thousands of users. What’s our secret? There is no absolute secret to our growth, but we have discovered various ways of acquiring users at little to no cost. This one…Continue Reading “Growth hacking our way to 10x customers”

FBA or “fulfilled by Amazon” is a growingly popular and profitable medium for online marketers and entrepreneurs. With the ease of access and the previous knowledge of search engines, many online marketers have taken it upon themselves to set-up an Amazon business and profit from these products without even seeing them. Starting a business utilising FBA is a lot like starting any other business, you need to solve a need with your product or service. Amazon is just the platform that allows you to do…Continue Reading “3 Must Have Tools for Amazon (FBA) Start-ups”