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6 secrets to every successful email campaign

Nearly 75% of customers adopt email as their primary channel for business communication, and it remains one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your audience online. 

But successful email marketing is certainly challenging – you need to balance staying relevant and informative with keeping your readers engaged and ultimately encourage them to convert.

If you’re sending out the wrong types of emails, you won’t get the results you’re looking for. Here are a few ways to ensure that every email you send out is successful. 

1. Include share buttons

A common mistake and one that could cost you when it comes to conversions, is forgetting to include links to your social media channels in your emails. These links act as a secondary call to action and can increase your click-through rate considerably, so make sure that any campaign you send out has clear social buttons. 

2. Avoid spam filters

If your emails consistently end up in your subscribers’ junk folder then you won’t enjoy great results from all your hard work. Before you hit the send button, take a look over the email you’ve created to make sure there aren’t too many images, the links are all to reputable sites and that there aren’t too many exclamation marks. These can all trigger the spam filter and should mean your future campaigns end up in the right folder. 

3. Use a professional email address

Your readers are more likely to respond to and engage with your campaigns if you’re using a credible email address. Make sure you’re using an email address that links to your domain for consistency and to build trust. 

4. Develop an engaging style

The meat of your email is the copy, so it needs to be informative, easy to read and accurate. But above all, you need your content to be engaging and something that people look forward to digging into. Spend time honing your style and creating high-quality content that grabs the attention of your readers. 

5. Determine the right frequency

How often you send out your emails matters – you don’t want to be so infrequent that your subscribers forget who you are, but sending them too often could leave your audience feeling bombarded and may result in them unsubscribing. Strike the right balance and be consistent, so your audience knows when to expect an email from you. 

6. Provide value

No matter what your focus and specialism, offering value in your emails is essential. If what you’re selling isn’t worth the time and attention of your reader, your emails are never going to receive the right reaction. Make sure you’re not just sending an email for the sake of it – each newsletter should offer something of value to your reader, whether it’s information, an update on your business and the products or services you’re offering, or even a freebie or discount for your subscribers. 

Hopefully you’ve found these tips helpful to create relevant, engaging and interesting email campaigns that achieve what you need them to and help you grow your business.

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