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Halloween email marketing ideas (examples included)

It’s that time of the year when you should be sending spooky emails to your subscribers.

Halloween has been quite a popular event in western countries like the USA, but it’s also starting to get popular in Asian countries like India and Thailand. So, regardless of where your subscribers are, it always a great idea to send a marketing email at times like these.

In this blog, we’ll have a look at some of the best Halloween email examples and understand what you should be sending in your email campaigns.

Halloween email marketing

There’s no denying that email is one of the most effective ways to reach your existing audience, it’s both efficient and cost-effective at the same time.

To get the most of Halloween, you should be creating emails that are specifically designed for Halloween. It’s also a good idea to have Halloween-themed content, products, discounts, coupons, etc.

If you need some data to back your efforts for Halloween, then you’d be surprised to know that spending in the UK is expected to exceed £1 billion, with more than half (56%) planning to spend on celebrations, decorations, or costumes. According to a recent Finder survey, generation Z and millennials will be the biggest Halloween spenders in 2023, with 87% and 76% of the groups planning to spend an average of £46 and £41, respectively.

Using the power of email marketing, you too can target your subscribers and create Halloween-related content that attracts more customers and increases revenue.

Halloween email examples

If you are going to make a Halloween special email, then it’s always a great idea to take some inspiration. Let’s go through some of the best examples and see what you can learn from it.

National Geographic

Even though National Geographic doesn’t have much to do with Halloween, they’ve still managed to find some great content that fits the spooky vibe of the holiday. Along with that, they also included some extra content like things to do and fun ideas for Halloween.

Takeaways form email:

  1. Find the best content/product that fits the scenario (Halloween in this case)
  2. Be creative with CTAs, don’t use generic terms like “View now” or “Try it”
  3. If you don’t have any product or content, come up with new Halloween specific content like “things to do” or “fun ideas”


Nuts.com is a nuts-based confectionery e-commerce site. For last Halloween, they came up with themed confectioneries and also included a discount.

Takeaways form email:

  1. Halloween-specific products are a great idea to come up with
  2. Giving discounts motivates subscribers to make a purchase

FitVine Wines

Just like Nuts, FitVine also came up with a Halloween special collection of wines, which is a great way of leveraging the situation.

Takeaways form email:

  1. Launch season (Halloween) specific products
  2. Keep the email short and crisp


Unlike others, Restream has a rather common approach, which is just a creatively designed Halloween themed email with a discount. This is a good idea to have when don’t have anything specific to showcase, but still want to use the situation to market.

Takeaways form email:

  1. Come up with discounts or coupon
  2. Having a theme to match the vibe is a great idea

Some tips for Halloween email marketing

Now that we’ve looked through some of the best Halloween email examples, let’s go over a few tips that might be quite useful for your marketing and email campaigns.

Have a matching email subject line

Having a good email subject line increases open rates and drives engagement. Make sure your subject line stands out by using an eye-catching emoji, catchy text and keeping it short.

Remember that you just have a few seconds to catch your subscribers’ attention, so keep your subject line simple, humorous and to the point.

Make it fun and witty to match the energy of the Halloween season. You can also add some spooky vibes by using Halloween-themed email phrases.

Unique and fun visuals

By including visual elements, you can attract the attention of your readers and make your emails more memorable and attention-grabbing. It will also make it easier for them to process the information in the email.

Halloween is all about scary vibes and funny jokes. Use Halloween themed visuals that are in line with your brand to make your campaign feel effortless and relatable to your subscribers. Similar to your visuals, your email design should also be inspired by Halloween.

Halloween content

Apart from visuals, the content that you add to your email should also be Halloween inspired.

Some examples of Halloween-themed content that you can include in your email campaigns are:

  • Spooky recipes or cocktails for Halloween parties
  • DIY Halloween decorations or costume ideas
  • Recommendations for scary movies or books

Remember to keep the content fun and engaging, and don’t forget to include Halloween-themed visuals to make your emails stand out.

Halloween specific promotions and discounts

As we all know, Halloween is one of the most popular celebrations; therefore, it’s the ideal time to encourage more people to make purchases. By providing your readers with promotions and discount coupons, you can leverage their holiday spirits and convert them into customers.

Make your promotional and discount codes Halloween-related, and be sure they are easily visible in the email layout to increase customer engagement and sales.

Use multiple emails

You should not only target October 31st, but also the time before and after Halloween. You should build suspense by sending teaser emails early and also a recap for those who missed your earlier emails.


Take this blog as your quick guide for Halloween all upcoming similar celebrations. Try to be relevant and whenever needed – take help by going through some examples by other brands.

You can certainly create a successful email campaign that converts your subscribers into customers by just taking advantage of people’s holiday excitement and providing them with Halloween-themed content and discount coupons to turn them into buyers.

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