For those unaware, Helpscout is one of the largest customer support software providers in the world. They’re used by countless companies including GrubHub, Basecamp, Buffer, Trello…the list goes on. Helpscout’s main products include helpdesk, knowledge base and live chat software which all help to meet the company’s overall goal of making customer support interaction both more humane and more helpful. Their email list, much like their company, has been growing like wildfire. As a result, Helpscout quickly realised that they needed a reliable and repeatable…Continue Reading “How HelpScout built a super effective newsletter welcome series from scratch.”

You can spend countless hours crafting the most attractive, well written emails but if hardly any of your subscribers open them then all of that effort has been for nothing. Thankfully, it’s surprisingly easy to vastly improve your email open rate, once you know what to do. In this article, we’re going to outline five sure fire ways to get more of your subscribers opening and engaging with your emails. The five tips are based on our own experience at EmailOctopus, calling on our decades…Continue Reading “The ultimate guide to catapulting email open rates”

72% of US adults send or receive personal emails via smartphone at least weekly and 68% of consumers polled say their preferred way of receiving commercial messages is email. So, it’s no shock then that email opt-in forms can be found on almost every blog and eCommerce site as, as can be seen from the above, email is still one of the most effective ways of reaching and building a meaningful relationship with your target market. But what separates an email opt-in form that converts amazingly, achieving…Continue Reading “3 examples of successful opt-in forms and why they work so damn well”

Every single year email adapts and transforms itself to meet changing user tastes and preferences. 2017 is no different. So, what does this year hold in store for the age old, yet still super effective communication tool? Well, in this article we’re going to pool together our collective knowledge of email marketing and make what we believe are accurate predictions of where email marketing is going in 2017. Interactive Emails We believe 2017 is going to be the year where interactive emails really take off.But…Continue Reading “Here are the biggest email marketing trends for 2017”

In case you missed it, today is Valentine’s day. In 2016, romantic individuals spent over £518m on gifts for loved ones – so it’s unsurprising that brands are keen to grab a piece of the action. Our inbox has been overflowing this morning with marketing emails, desperate to rescue their customers from an after work trip to the petrol station for flowers. Here’s a round-up of just a few of our favourites and what we think they did well. Subject Line: Who Needs Flowers When You…Continue Reading “Valentines emails we love ❤”

In 2013 Gmail introduced its new website design, complete with the ‘Promotions Tab’. By introducing tabs, such as Promotions and Updates, they made it easier to focus on messages that are important and read emails of the same type at once. The tabbed approach certainly does help users find and classify their mail appropriately; no more sifting past hundreds of newsletters and order confirmations to find an email from a loved one. For email marketers, the Gmail Promotions tab can be incredibly painful – particularly when sending…Continue Reading “Avoiding the Gmail promotions tab”

Spam email messages have been a plague since email became popular. Email providers, such as Gmail, have to make very difficult (and frequently incorrect) choices about which messages to deliver and which ones might harm users. As an email marketer, this can lead to messages not reaching their desired location, the inbox of your subscribers. Amazon Simple Email Service, which EmailOctopus uses to deliver your emails, has very good delivery out of the box. Afterall, SES is used by household names such as Netflix, Uber…Continue Reading “Improve your email deliverability with DMARC, SPF and DKIM”

Black Friday is the biggest day of the year for most ecommerce businesses. Months of planning go into their campaigns, with careful consideration paid to how their goods are merchandised and presented to potential customers. As a result of this our email inboxes are inundated with promotional offers from almost every brand, from Apple to Ann Summers. At EmailOctopus we looked at 988 different fashion, retail, travel and sports emails which were sent on Black Friday. Here are our thoughts on how email marketing dominated Black Friday. Subject Lines We…Continue Reading “How email marketing stole Black Friday”

One of the best ways of improving your email marketing is to try and learn from the best in their field. Everlane are one of those companies who I always open their emails, everytime they send to me. Everlane is an upstart clothing brand that have no traditional retail stores, instead they use beautifully shot videos and photographs to craft an experience online. They’re incredibly transparent; letting users know where their factories are and sell direct to the customer. They do marketing very well, sharing images via email…Continue Reading “Everlane – Breaking down a great email marketing program”

There are millions of solutions out there, all promising to make your life as a startup founder easier. They all vary in price dramatically, and also in how easy to use. We rely on 6 core tools at EmailOctopus to automate, improve and reduce the time we spend on menial tasks. Through a few different programs, careful googling and some frank discussion we’ve managed to save in excess of $8,000 on these products. We don’t believe in using a tool just because it’s free, we…Continue Reading “How we saved $8,470 on our startup’s tools”