We’ve created 3 beautiful, responsive, email templates for your use. Wayfair is a set of 3 responsive email marketing templates, which can be used for product announcements, blog posts, weekly newsletters or transactional emails. Each of the templates has been pre-tested, and works across desktop and mobile clients including iOS Mail, Gmail and Outlook. The templates have been handcoded with HTML comments, making it easy to edit and re-use for your own email marketing campaigns. Just change the images, content and colour scheme – and away…Continue Reading “3 totally free premium responsive email templates”

This week was the Apple WWDC, where they announced the new release of iOS 10. Although iOS 10 is not out till the Autumn, we’ve got our hands on the beta. Many email marketing campaigns are now reporting in excess of 40% open rates for iOS devices, so we’ve rounded up a few new nifty features which we’ve noticed. Many of these may impact your email campaigns once iOS 10 is released to the general public. Simple unsubscribes  This is the biggest change for email marketers….Continue Reading “Changes in iOS 10 Mail, and how they’ll affect email marketers”

It’s been common knowledge in the email marketing industry for a while, that email send time can have a huge effect on your open rates. We analysed the millions of emails sent through the EmailOctopus platform and like many studies before us, found that email send day can have an impact as well as time. One thing many don’t take into account though when optimising their send time, is the content, design and the context in which the email would be opened. Many companies fight…Continue Reading “The importance of email send time”

Email design has moved forward over the past few years, dramatically. Yes, we’re still limited by horrible tables and clients which barely support CSS; but thanks to some incredibly clever workarounds, a lot of effort and the growth of mobile devices we’re beginning to see some spectacular looking emails. Here’s a round-up of the best, and a quick summary of how they’ve done it: Burberry Burberry have used a number of tricks, and pieces of clever tech, to provide an incredibly personalised email. The bulk of…Continue Reading “A round-up of some of the top design trends in Email marketing for 2016”

When it comes to digital marketing tactics, e-mail marketing is a front-runner in cost-effectively generating leads and driving sales. Email marketing, as a tactic, has an unrivalled ability to engage and keep an audience engaged. It is direct, trackable, quick and easy to execute. The ability to effectively track metrics is an added bonus. However, did you know that email marketing campaigns can also go hand in hand with your SEO campaigns? Two of the most effective digital marketing tactics in driving ROI can work…Continue Reading “How Email Can Help Your SEO”

  So you’ve started a new venture, and need to get a solid customer base? Or you just want to keep your subscribers and customers happy? Emails sent out to gain subscribers is a very good starting point, if done properly. It seems like the easiest route, and it can be simple, if you go about it correctly. Conversational: First of all, keep in mind that your emails are to be read by people, so keep them as casual and conversational as possible, all while…Continue Reading “27 Killer Tips For Better Email Marketing”

2.6 billion email users worldwide. 91% of these users check their inboxes daily. It is no wonder that email marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing tools available today! As such, there is no better channel to offer products and services than through email.  70% of people still prefer email as their means of communication with businesses – it is professional, organised, and easy to access.  Since email has been around for such a while now, many expected email  marketing to be put…Continue Reading “Interesting Facts About Email Marketing”

We have seen how effective email marketing can be as a form of marketing strategy, but how do you ensure your emails are actually read, and don’t just sit in a crowded inbox? Ensuring good email open rates for your campaign is crucial for the success of your email marketing strategy: the more people that read your emails, the higher the chance of more revenue for your business. The average email open rates vary from industry to industry. For example, computer hardware and telecommunications have…Continue Reading “8 Tips to Better Email Open Rates”

Email marketing remains a highly effective online marketing strategy in today’s digital world. It targets your intended audience more effectively, has an instant impact, can deliver a high ROI, all the while keeping your company’s costs down.  But what does email marketing actually consist of? An effective use of email campaigns doesn’t just bank on customers opening emails sent their way. Developing an email marketing strategy is crucial. With this, you can better utilise your campaigns in order to see the results you want from…Continue Reading “What is Email Marketing?”