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The complete guide to marketing on Twitter

Twitter has always been a hot space, be it the web3/NFT trend or the new AI boom – it’s seen everything. This also makes Twitter one of the most popular social media platforms among devs, marketers and many other categories.

It’s also a favourite social channel for businesses to grow organically. Twitter allows you to engage with a large audience, share your insights, and efficiently market your brand.

Importance of Twitter Marketing

Twitter provides an excellent platform for businesses and individuals to communicate with their target audience. Using Twitter, you can efficiently create a personal brand, build brand awareness, engage with your followers, and drive traffic to your website or products by utilising Twitter’s audience.

Here are some of the key reasons for why Twitter marketing is so important:

  1. Twitter is a global platform with over 30% of users from the USA and many more from other developed nations, which makes it a great choice for businesses who want to have an audience from across the globe.
  2. Twitter is an effective channel for direct customer connection. You can build strong relationships with your audience, foster loyalty, and obtain useful feedback by responding to inquiries, addressing problems, and sharing helpful insights.
  3. You can create your brand’s identity, voice, and values through continuous tweeting and purposeful content sharing. Twitter can assist you in developing a brand personality that resonates with your target audience and distinguishes you from the competition.
  4. Twitter is a great place to showcase your expertise and develop thought leadership in your area. You can position your brand as a knowledgeable authority by sharing insightful material, industry trends, and relevant resources, attracting followers, and building a reputation.

Ways to use Twitter as a marketing channel

Twitter marketing provides individuals with several opportunities to share insights and personal experiences and provide assistance to others. Let’s look at how Twitter can help with these things.

Share insights

One of the best ways to build a strong following on Twitter is by sharing knowledge and expertise. This can be easily done by sharing insightful tweets and threads which can help someone.

Let’s try to understand this with an example. So, Andrea Bosoni a marketer from Italy, has built a strong following on Twitter by sharing his marketing knowledge and insights.

Tweet by Andrea
Tweet by Andrea

As you can see, he regularly shares his first-hand insights which can’t be found anywhere else, which makes his profile entirely unique and many starts to see him as an authority in the domain.

Share personal experience

People love to read and learn from personal experiences. Furthermore, this builds a relationship between the author and the reader, which goes a long way in brand building.

Twitter allows you to share personal experiences connected to your field or profession. Your honesty and relatability can appeal to your audience and improve your brand, whether you’re sharing success stories, lessons learned, or obstacles experienced.

One of the best examples of this is Damon Chen, founder of Testimonial, who keeps sharing is journey as a founder and his audience loves it.

Tweet by Damon

Support and help others

Helping others with your expertise is also a way to win them forever. This can be done by proactively helping them or by simply answering to their queries on Twitter, by doing this you can easily establish a 1:1 connection with your audience.

Supporting and assisting people on Twitter builds a positive image, generates goodwill, and strengthens community relationships.

There are many people and businesses who have been already doing this, a good example is Alex who has strong design skills and always keeps helping many solopreneurs by providing free website redesign.

Tweet by Alex
Tweet by Alex

Tools to help in Twitter marketing

Growing on Twitter certainly doesn’t require any special tools, but there are still many tools that exist which primarily help with doing certain tasks in a better way. Let’s take a look at how these tools can help you improve your Twitter marketing efforts.


TweetDeck is a comprehensive social media dashboard made by Twitter to help with the management of multiple Twitter accounts.

It provides a powerful set of features that enable users to monitor, engage with, and schedule tweets for multiple accounts in real-time. With TweetDeck, you can create customisable columns to track specific hashtags, mentions, lists, or search queries. It allows you to view multiple timelines, send and receive direct messages, and even schedule tweets for future posting.

This tool is particularly useful for social media managers, businesses, and individuals who want to efficiently manage and engage with their Twitter presence.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is another free tool provided by Twitter that offers insights and data about your Twitter account’s performance and audience engagement.

It provides valuable metrics and analytics to help you understand how your tweets are performing and how your audience is interacting with your content. Think of it as Google Analytics for your Twitter account.

By utilising Twitter Analytics, you can gain a deeper understanding of what type of content resonates with your audience and make data-driven decisions to improve your Twitter strategy and engagement. It can be a valuable tool for businesses, influencers, and individuals looking to maximise their impact on Twitter.


Typefully is a writing, scheduling and analytics for Twitter. Though the above discussed tools have the same features while being free, Typefully excels by providing a better UI and improved analytics.

It is a great tool for anyone who wants to improve their Twitter presence. It is easy to use, affordable, and packed with features. If you are looking for a way to write better tweets, schedule them for optimal reach, and track your progress, then Typefully is a great option.


Hypefury is a social media management tool which is similar to Typefully. It aims to help users optimise their Twitter presence by providing various features to schedule tweets, engage with followers, and analyse performance.

With Hypefury, users can create and schedule tweets in advance, allowing them to maintain a consistent posting schedule even when they’re not actively using the platform. The tool offers an intuitive interface where you can compose tweets, add images, and include hashtags or mentions. Additionally, Hypefury provides analytics and insights about your Twitter account’s performance, including metrics like impressions, engagement, and follower growth.

Hypefury also includes features to automate repetitive tasks and engage with your audience effectively. It offers the ability to set up tweet templates, which can be useful for sharing recurring content or messages. The tool can automatically retweet, like, or reply to specific keywords or user interactions, helping you save time and maintain an active presence on Twitter.


In conclusion, Twitter marketing is an excellent way to increase your brand’s online presence, build relationships with your audience, and drive traffic to your website or products.

By sharing insights, personal experiences, and helping others, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and build a loyal following. Additionally, tools such as TweetDeck, Twitter Analytics, Typefully, and Hypefury can help you streamline your Twitter marketing efforts and achieve better results with less effort.

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