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Build sign up forms on Ninja Forms for your EmailOctopus lists

Ninja Forms allows you to create and design sign-up forms for your WordPress website. With nearly 1,000,000 users to their platform they are easily one of the most popular form builders on the market right now.

They pride themselves in being easy to use regardless of what your level of expertise might be. Their plans include protection against SPAM, and mobile friendly forms. You can create customisable forms using their drag & drop creator or pick from their wide-range of templates. Now, it’s even possible to integrate their platform with EmailOctopus!

The contacts from your Ninja Forms sign up form can be transferred and stored straight onto your EmailOctopus account. Here’s a simple guide to using the integration:

  1. Go on to your EmailOctopus account and copy your API key. This can be found  on your dashboard, under the API section listed on the left.
  2. Ensure that you have the EmailOctopus add-on installed, on your Ninja Forms account. Select the EmailOctopus add-on.  
  3. Insert the API key on your Ninja Forms plug-in.
  4. Customise your form and select which list the form should be created for.
  5. All the new sign-ups to your Ninja Form will automatically be transferred to your corresponding EmailOctopus list.

You can also view the support documentation from Ninja Forms to help you out.

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