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Mother’s Day email campaigns tips

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which can be the perfect time to engage with your audience and send a promotional email campaign. But remember, only send this kind of email if you think your audience expects it from your brand — off-topic and off-brand emails that take advantage of special occasions tend to perform poorly and reduce brand trust.

For the right audiences, however, a well-timed Mother’s Day email campaign can be a useful reminder and deliver great results for your business. So let’s explore how you can wow your subscribers this Mother’s Day and drive sales.

What makes a good Mother’s Day email

There are several things that combine to make a great email campaign for Mother’s Day, but the key is to balance between celebrating moms and promoting your products or services.

Now let’s go through some other points that can help you make a great Mother’s Day email campaign.

Emotional connection

Marketing campaigns with strong emotional messages have always worked and will continue to. We’re humans and have strong emotional connections with many things, like our first car, favourite song as a teenager, pets and of course people, like our mothers, fathers and children.

Here’s how you can use emotions in your email campaign:

Focus on the sentiment: Mother’s Day is about love and appreciation. Highlight the special bond between mothers and their children/loved ones.

Tell a heartwarming story: Additionally, you can use a heartwarming story (can be your story or one of your customer’s) in your email campaign to keep readers hooked to the content. Try to share personal stories, testimonials, or user-generated content that highlights the importance of motherhood and the bond between mothers and their children. Authentic storytelling can help create a meaningful connection with your audience.

Warm and positive tone: Use warm language and visuals that showcase your brand’s warmth and positive emotions. This is a great way of building a brand connection as well.

Compelling content

The most important part of an email campaign is the content that goes inside it, and you should ensure clarity and effective messaging in order to have a successful campaign.

Here are some tips on how to use content efficiently in your email campaign:

Catchy subject line: Grab attention with a concise and intriguing subject line that mentions Mother’s Day. Emojis can also add a touch of personality.

Personalized touch: If possible, personalize the email with the recipient’s name.

Gift ideas or solutions: If you’re selling products, showcase a curated selection of gifts suitable for moms. For service-based businesses, highlight experiences moms would enjoy.

Sense of urgency (optional): Create a sense of urgency with a limited-time offer, mentioning the latest postal orders can be made and arrive on time, or just reminding them of the approaching date.

Offer special discounts and promotions: Everyone loves a good deal, especially when shopping for gifts. Consider offering special discounts, promotions, or exclusive offers as part of your Mother’s Day email campaign. Whether it’s a percentage off, free shipping, or a buy-one-get-one deal, incentivise recipients to make a purchase by providing added value.

Clear call to action (CTA)

Having a CTA is absolutely necessary when it comes to marketing campaigns that have conversions as a goal.

Make it easy for recipients to take action by including a clear and highlighted CTA button/link. This could be directing them to a gift guide, a special Mother’s Day collection, or a promotion.

Mother’s Day email examples

There are a ton of great Mother’s Day email examples out there from various brands and are just a Google search away, however here are some handpicked examples for you to take inspiration from.

Allset’s “Mother’s are the best” email

Allset is a US-based restaurant aggregator like Uber Eats but focuses on both delivery and dine-in.

On Mother’s Day, not only did they send a targeted discount email, but they also included ides their readers could replicate by using Allset to make their moms feel special. This is a great approach and really helpful for readers that forgot about Mother’s Day or are short on good ideas beyond the typical card, flowers, chocolate combo!

Headspace Mother’s Day discount email

Headspace is a mental health and wellbeing app that’s been used by millions of people from across the globe. Their Mother’s Day email was a simple, well-written email with an added discount code.

The thing to focus on this email is the copy which precisely explains why Headspace can be a great gift and how it would help their moms.

FitVine’s “The Mother of all Wine” email

FitVine is a wine distiller that makes wines which are better than regular wine and suited health conscious people who love to enjoy wine. Their email showcases a Mother’s Day special wine bottle, which is a good gifting idea.

Moreover, giving a coupon code along with a time limit is a great way of creating FOMO (fear of missing out) and increasing conversions.

Fitbit Mother’s Day discount email

The Mother’s Day email by Fitbit is similar — they focus on playing with copy and providing a discount so that people can gift their mom a Fitbit at a discounted price.

Nanit’s Mother’s Day email

Nanit is a smart baby monitor and their primary buyers are mothers of newborn baby.

Their email highlights their “Mother’s Day sale” which is a great way of converting those who are already on the edge of buying but just need a little push. This is a smart use of occasion based marketing.


Creating a successful Mother’s Day email campaign requires personalisation, showcasing gift ideas, compelling subject lines, heartwarming storytelling, special discounts, clear CTAs, and mobile optimisation.

By implementing the strategies above, you can engage your subscribers effectively and drive sales.

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