1. Product Updates

Introducing our Advanced Contact Search

Need to find a contact but don’t know their exact email address?

Want to locate a group of contacts based on their subscription status or when they signed up?

Well, good news! Our developers been working their not-so-little socks off the past few months to bring you an improved, more advanced contact search.

After an initial beta phase, you’ll be pleased to hear this functionality is now available to all users. Head to your dashboard, choose a list and start searching your contacts.

What’s new?

Exact match searches are a thing of the past – partial matches on email addresses will now show up in your search results. And there’s more…

You’ll find that you can now search by:

  • status – subscribed, unsubscribed or pending contacts
  • date added – find contacts added on, before or after a certain date
  • last changed – when a contact’s details were last updated
  • list field – search by first name, last name, or any of the additional fields in your list

If you’ve been collecting dates of birth or locations at the time subscribers sign up to your mailing list, you’ll now be able to find them using these identifiers. Great if you want a rough idea of the age and geographical demographics of your subscribers.

You can also combine and exclude search terms to get really granular in finding specific groups of contacts. For example, by entering email:gmail added:>2019-12-31 into the search bar you can find all contacts with a Gmail account added after 31st December 2019.

Want to know more?

We’ve put together a handy help guide to walk you through how to use these advanced search filters. It has all the info you need to start narrowing down your searches.

We hope this improved search functionality will make your life easier. Your feedback is important so let us know how you get on!

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