At EmailOctopus, our mission is to help make email marketing more accessible than ever. Today we’re taking another big step towards this, with the launch of our latest feature, Templates. We’ve reworked the campaign creation When creating a campaign in the EmailOctopus platform you’ll now see a multi-step process. The 2nd step of the campaign creation is where you can select the template you wish to use. There are 3 kinds of templates on offer. Basic templates, for the user who wants more creative freedom over the…Continue Reading “Announcing the launch of templates”

You may well have noticed that things are beginning to look a little different when creating a campaign. We’ve recently started rolling out changes to our email creation process, which apply to both campaigns and automation. Improved send-speeds We’ve completed re-worked much of our internal sending process. The impact on you, means that campaigns will be sent even quicker. Under most circumstances we should be very close to matching your Amazon SES pricing send speeds. There are further speed improvements to come. Those improvements will be in speeding…Continue Reading “Recent updates, and upcoming changes to the email creation process”

  Today I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our new feature, Automation. Over the past few months we’ve listened and heard about many of your challenges within email marketing. We heard from many of your that the ability to send relevant messages at the right time to your users, was something which was difficult when using EmailOctopus. Automation is the result of a number of months development by our development team led by Jonathan. It’s been in Beta now for a number of weeks and has…Continue Reading “Introducing Automation”